We All Are Like A Spider…


Waiting for today’s meal…

We all are living in a world made up of our own rules that we believe in. In most of the situations we dare not to change them.
Thus like a spider that makes a web to catch it’s prey ,we makes rules for our life but in the end we itself will be the prey for our rules,like a spider stuck in its own web.

“Insane rules, rules and ruins our lifes”: Anand

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Yellow :
From the stud on my ear to the T-shirts that I am quite familiar with all my life is coloured mostly in yellow.Colour Yellow keep on flowing in my life and tend to link with both happy and sad memories.It witnessed my first day at school as the colour of my school bag when I cried and it tend to be the colour of my favourite show SpongeBob SquarePants in those younger days.It witnessed my first love failure as to the color of the mango juice we were drinking at that very first moment years ago.

Even it is watching over my blog right now as to color of hot afternoon sun  …. Oh god it’s everywhere.. even the sun huh!😋😮:o:o:o

Portraying Actor Nivin Pauly

2016 niVin.jpg

For my readers in South India you will be quite aware of who this guys is. He is Nivin Pauly,the most promising actor of South India.I took this picture few months ago and tried a lot in bringing various emotions in his face.Just thought of posting this here for my Indian readers especially #Premam film lovers .

#from-a-great-fan 🙂



This was a picture that was once very beautiful to see.It once was rich with colours of nature that was extremely beautiful to watch.It wasn’t altered.But I lost the essence of original picture one day when I tried to bring in my own interests into the picture.I altered the divine colours of nature and bring in my own supremacy over the natural beauty.Then it all went dark and I was just blind .I was too much blind that I was not able to forsee what my human selfishness can turn into.

I bet this lines will do
“Will all the water in the ocean wash this blood from my hands? No, instead my hands will stain the seas scarlet, turning the green waters red”. =Macbeth

Note : Fellow readers if you can’t see this picture ,I am sorry to tell you that you too are a part of this system.

A Worthy Comparison


A Butterfly Story :
Note:WARNING ! Please don’t read if you have so called nostalgia or feeling towards your Ex !

If we can tame a cat or a dog or even a tiger why can’t we tame a butterfly .It will be wonderful to have one at home.As matter of fact it will be a good pet for families with budget constraints.

I am sorry it can’t be done as to my knowledge  because it is said that
“Butterflies are mentally mental,just like love”

Butterflies are just like your Ex …once gone it’s hard to tame them 😂;).. yes it’s pretty harsh to tell about your Ex but it’s a pretty good comparison… Am I Right??;):D

Confusing Reflection



I am a little bit confused about the two pictures I have captured ..which side is the original and which is the  reflection;);)….
Guess it .. 
Do you think I have posted it upside down?? :D;);)

Cam :Nikon D3200 + Tamron 70-300mm

Some Basics For Photography


Photography : How To Take Professional Images From Your DSLR – Camera, Pictures, Posing, Composition & Portrait (Photography for begginers, photoshop, … travel, photography composition, business)

This is a picture I took last year.

When lighting and shading are perfect camera gives us some unexpected pictures.

Anybody with a DSLR set in an automatic mode can capture photos.But a professional is born when he does photography in manual modes.But if you have the control over ISO, Aperture,Shutter Speed then you can do magic in photography.It is the basic factor that can determine your talent in photography.How well you set them up determines how much beautifully you can visualize a frame before photography.Mark my words that if you can master these 3 factors you can surely capture some great pictures.It is one of the basics of photography.