Mural Paintings Of India : A Unsung Wonder



Mural Painting are quite traditional in its depiction of culture and customs of  a culture it signifies .Here are some of my photographs of mural paintings of the some gods of Hindu  religion .Since it is just the two out of many such painting that can be viewed in many parts of the country in different forms. The most interesting part is that it some of  them dates back to BC …era

Isn’t it beautiful

13 thoughts on “Mural Paintings Of India : A Unsung Wonder

  1. Hi Anand… Found my way here through another blog… I must say your images are stunning for the way you project colours. Especially loved the images of kadhakali dancers, fantastic work! Definitely sticking around for more… You bring out a beautiful flavor of this country… Well done 🙂 do stop by my blog when you have a moment! Cheers

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  2. Here to say, your blog is truly fascinating, stunned by every post and its mix. Another splendid post here. ☺ – Your new friend, Cezane

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