Tale Of Trees


The  thought that I thought from the moment I captured this picture was deforestation. Moreover the darkness of the tree is much more deepening the ugliness of the issue.
                         We keep on complaining about rise of temperature and continue to blame each other ,but we never understand the factor that each and everyone one of us is a member of this crime.

May God have mercy on us . .

NB: Back In India ,in the state of Kerala were I was born I was  told about the stories of woodcutters asking the permission of tree before it was cut .It was a sort of ritual many may feel superstitious but to me I feel they were right ,they were absolutely right. . . . .

Do  human beings have the right to cut trees without the trees permission…??? !!

15 thoughts on “Tale Of Trees

    • Yes absolutely .we are turning the world into an “oven”.. Sometimes I felt that I am being stuck inside a oven..Alas! Itsss tooo hotttt ! 😦

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