Tale of A Fishless Fisherman


Tale Of  An Indian Fishermen :

A Modern day situation remembering me the story ” Gessler Brothers “, a short story by  John Galsworthy.

Behind this particular picture there is a colorless story of agony and pain that the colourful world never understand. While sitting back in your home eating your meals with a curry made of fish is a habit of millions of people around our globe . We kept on consuming fish for centuries and have we ever thought about a day when the sea went dry without any fish, a day when fish become a part of our history books. Let me make it straight that the day is not so long.
            The  posted picture was taken on a day when I went out for the beach one evening  .It was usual that I used see a lot of small local fishing boats in sea fishing in evening sun .But today I saw many of them were on the beach. Later I came to know about how our western costal area is suffering from fish shortage. During my childhood days it was a treasure chest with large variety of fishes.
  Modernisation in fishing and improper methods of fishing are the two major factors that lead to this situation along with change of weather conditions. Simply telling we are all a part of this in one way or another.
Readers it’s just a starting ..and.. It is a warning … For the coming days .

24 thoughts on “Tale of A Fishless Fisherman

  1. It is scary…but many are opening their eyes and becoming aware, and deciding to take action, even if only personal. Whether it is sharing information, living a simpler, cleaner life, helping the Earth in all ways big and small. Thank-you for sharing.

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  2. A sad tale, but true. Millions of fish have washed ashore dead on the west coast of South America. Best guess, the problem is man-made pollution… or a rise in ocean water temperatures. Nothing of current happenings indicates that man, as a species, is ready and willing to do anything about this problem, ergo, it is going to get much worse.

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