Mysterious Mystic

I was lying in a bed looking at the dusty old ceiling with a rusty fan which wasn’t working .It was soo hot that I kept looking at the door and was expecting a passerby if any.There was nobody there.It was like in the “Sylvia Plath” poetry “Tulips”.The room was dark with a low light coming from some source .As I was lying there like an infant child I saw a glimpse of something closer which was not there before.It moved away and asked me to follow it .No it was not a request it was like a command but it was soo pure that I began to follow it unknowingly what it was.Suddenly I heard a voice and look back and suddenly I opened my eyes .I was lying in the bed.

What was it??? creative ideas expected…;)

21 thoughts on “Mysterious Mystic

  1. Knowing the poem you mention, it is easy to understand how you are dreaming of the Angel of Death mentally pulling you from your sad and depressing room. It speaks of lack of hope and a willingness to abandon the daily struggles of your life…
    I chose to imagine the voice that woke you from your sleep was the reason you did not follow the angel.

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