Dropping down


This was a click that was taken for a competition. . .
I just wanna know what do the picture means to you . . .
And do guess the theme . . .

20 thoughts on “Dropping down

  1. the lock is short of breath. the air from its lungs trying to find a place where it does not have to stay in a bubble. the key, even if stayed inside the lock, could not help the lock but suffer.

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  2. For me, it can be representative of potential that is trapped by circumstance but still hopeful.

    The lock has a key which indicates it’s ability to open and unlock (potential). However, it is contained in a restrictive environment – trapped and unable to unlock it’s potential. It will be hard for someone to reach it to unlock it and put it to good use. There bubbles can represent hope as it indicates air under water – in other words – breath, life.

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    • nameless girl nice thought … 🙂

      it is like being stuck in home and unable to go out . . . and neighbours think that you are a brainless child who still with home and is an alien ! 😉


  3. A transparent glass of water ….an open, honest person ….but there is a part which is locked …………….a key there tho …………….does the lock and key need removing for pure transparency and clarity maybe?

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  4. what your photograph said to me…drown what is locked inside you, cast it in deep waters where it can never surface again…in this way you will be free. I love that all sets of keys are attached…never to have a chance to be unlocked again.

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