A Worthy Comparison


A Butterfly Story :
Note:WARNING ! Please don’t read if you have so called nostalgia or feeling towards your Ex !

If we can tame a cat or a dog or even a tiger why can’t we tame a butterfly .It will be wonderful to have one at home.As matter of fact it will be a good pet for families with budget constraints.

I am sorry it can’t be done as to my knowledge  because it is said that
“Butterflies are mentally mental,just like love”

Butterflies are just like your Ex …once gone it’s hard to tame them 😂;).. yes it’s pretty harsh to tell about your Ex but it’s a pretty good comparison… Am I Right??;):D

16 thoughts on “A Worthy Comparison

  1. The picture is gorgeous. well it is a beautiful comparison of an ex to a beautiful butterfly although I am not sure why would anyone like to tame their lovers. πŸ™‚

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