This was a picture that was once very beautiful to see.It once was rich with colours of nature that was extremely beautiful to watch.It wasn’t altered.But I lost the essence of original picture one day when I tried to bring in my own interests into the picture.I altered the divine colours of nature and bring in my own supremacy over the natural beauty.Then it all went dark and I was just blind .I was too much blind that I was not able to forsee what my human selfishness can turn into.

I bet this lines will do
“Will all the water in the ocean wash this blood from my hands? No, instead my hands will stain the seas scarlet, turning the green waters red”. =Macbeth

Note : Fellow readers if you can’t see this picture ,I am sorry to tell you that you too are a part of this system.

30 thoughts on “Darkness

  1. Diamond in dusk remains in dark no matter how costly it is.
    Likewise, mankind in the mist of negativity exist in darkness,
    No matter how powerful the races are!
    A good prospect on Light Vs Dark.. Yes, We the humans scandal the serenity of unpolluted world :-(.

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  2. Mother Nature is, well, the best artist ever on this planet. I bet she appreciates all your attempts to honor her, including your attempts, to show her in the best way possible way. After all she made some of us creative.

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  3. Anand!
    You have written some beautiful lines about it. I loved to read it and see through the darkness of the light that you want to show.
    Here are my lines
    It is the Darkness that brings Light
    It is the light that is in the Darkness
    It is the fact that Light and Darkness are great friends.
    It is the fact that we think that they are great enemies.
    It is the fact that they obey each other.
    It is the fact that because of them we are there in Harmony.
    Enough for now!

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