When Rain Visited My Home


After a rainfall ,earth is still wet and the air is so cool that I was soo lazy to wakeup this morning.Walking barefoot in sand that was so cold that I feel so lazy to walk and was shivering when I captured this picture.The dark sky was smiling at me  and was asking me to stay and


But I told him that I am too busy with the day as my #Wordpress readers are waiting for my post. ;);)😂

Thought Of The Day


With another day coming to an end and the waiting for an uncertain future tomorrow… World survived for yet another day for battles …
This picture was one of my oldest works and was quite enough to depict my thought of the day post.
We all are running in our life day after day and we keep on building up the zeroes in bank accounts.Thus for a better tomorrow we all are sacrificing ourself because of the fear of losing our wealth.Thus we are surrendering our freedom and happiness for wealth and for an uncertain future.

The life of the boatman is just opposite to that of many of us  ….
He is not rich and even his boat was for hire and the man even don’t have a family or proper  house.And once when I asked him about how he lives he told me that he works for the day’s meal and a bunch of cigarettes.Thus he have no fear of his death or about losing his wealth and I will say he is the most wealthiest and the happiest man in the world …

Portraying Isolation


Guess what that building in the picture i captured is a local “Toddy Shop” . . .

It is said that majority of the acute drinkers is drinking inorder to forget their past memories,sadness,stress, pain etc etc . . .

So as a matter of fact ,can we compare this picture to the life of a drunkard??

The buliding and coconut tree in an isolated place can quite signify a drunkard’s isolated nature.That is he/she is completely cut of from the normal life.The water around them show the intensity of the issue . . .

what do you think???

Thought Of The Day

oh my love !

“Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible – it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could.     

Barbara De Angelis “


I wrote this blog after hearing a lot of love songs. It varies a lot from desi love songs to western love songs. At one moment I was hearing “Jashn-E-Baharaa”(‘Film Jodhaa Akbar’… Wah! Love of Akbar with AR Rahman magical touch of music ) and at another moment I was in the world of  western music hearing “Love me like you do “(by Ellie Goulding) .No matter where i am from and no matter which culture i do represent ,I always find that even if the process and method of love do differ in different culture love do have a common sense of feeling that will bring you sleepless nights and days. It is the sense of feeling that can even make a 70 year old think like a 18 year old. 🙂

If I kept on writing I just can’t stop writing about love . . . because it is eternal my friend !




Mysterious Mystic

I was lying in a bed looking at the dusty old ceiling with a rusty fan which wasn’t working .It was soo hot that I kept looking at the door and was expecting a passerby if any.There was nobody there.It was like in the “Sylvia Plath” poetry “Tulips”.The room was dark with a low light coming from some source .As I was lying there like an infant child I saw a glimpse of something closer which was not there before.It moved away and asked me to follow it .No it was not a request it was like a command but it was soo pure that I began to follow it unknowingly what it was.Suddenly I heard a voice and look back and suddenly I opened my eyes .I was lying in the bed.

What was it??? creative ideas expected…;)

A Day Out For Bird Watch


Bird watching is sometimes boring and sometimes interesting. The above posted picture was taken on a such a day. The bird was on  fish hunting and was trying very hard to catch the fish and on my count I say he succeeded in getting around 3 fishes after a dozen of failed attempts. After all i was successful in getting one of his failures in one of my successful attempts. 😉
. . . .

Tale of A Fishless Fisherman


Tale Of  An Indian Fishermen :

A Modern day situation remembering me the story ” Gessler Brothers “, a short story by  John Galsworthy.

Behind this particular picture there is a colorless story of agony and pain that the colourful world never understand. While sitting back in your home eating your meals with a curry made of fish is a habit of millions of people around our globe . We kept on consuming fish for centuries and have we ever thought about a day when the sea went dry without any fish, a day when fish become a part of our history books. Let me make it straight that the day is not so long.
            The  posted picture was taken on a day when I went out for the beach one evening  .It was usual that I used see a lot of small local fishing boats in sea fishing in evening sun .But today I saw many of them were on the beach. Later I came to know about how our western costal area is suffering from fish shortage. During my childhood days it was a treasure chest with large variety of fishes.
  Modernisation in fishing and improper methods of fishing are the two major factors that lead to this situation along with change of weather conditions. Simply telling we are all a part of this in one way or another.
Readers it’s just a starting ..and.. It is a warning … For the coming days .