The Last Bird

I just captured this picture while the bird was observing something unique out there and I just was not aware of what it was observing..may be it was seeking a lover or a friend or the food ..who knows..Or may be lost in thoughts that humans are yet to understand.. 

As I captured this I asked the bird

Birdie why are you simply sitting and gazing at the barren field?Don’t you have mouths to feed back home.Or are you waiting for someone?Birdie Birdie tell me?

Birdie told me 

I am simply sitting here because I am all alone and I have no home and I have no family and so I have no mouths to feed.I am not looking at the barren field which was once my home but I am looking at the infinity that lay in the future.I am not sorry about my loses that humans have brought me but I am sorry about humans because they are unaware that they are digging their on grave.Yesterday I was there to give last respect for the demise but tomorrow tell me friend who will be there to shed a tear for my death…

Infinite Love : Caption Contest 1


Yesterday I just quarreled with my mother and end up deciding in anger not to talk with her but end up talking to her accidentally after few hours and eventually turning the scenario into 😂..
Haha …Love you mom 💟… There will be instants in your life when you disagree with your mother but never ever forget the fact that your mother is the one that loves you the most and the one who always take care of your gugu gaga and giggles 😉  .They are the real angels of this world.
On that very instant I thought of posting a post dedicated to all the loving and caring mom’s around the globe through a photo I have posted.
The picture posted here was taken few months ago on a hike and is quite enough I guess to denote the relationship between the child and its mother.The infinite bond of love that exist between them is quite large and superior that nothing in this world is quite powerful enough to disturb it ,that is neither my presence or of others.

Attention Readers !
Suggest a caption for this picture..The best one will be selected as the caption for this picture on Instagram.

A Book For Reading 1


2014 Nobel Prize Winner Patrick Modiano Work
“In The Cafe Of Lost Youth” . . .
A Brilliant Portrayal of Paris of 1950s and a work threaded with a deep inspection of life of a girl who is moreover saying “lost” in Paris.

…..”In the Café of Lost Youth is a kind of suspense story. It is a story about the many facets of a single woman but also, unquestionably, a story about the multiple worlds within Paris, a city that, as much as any individual human being, remains essentially unknowable. It casts a near hypnotic spell” —Douglas Kennedy,L’Express

…. “Modiano at his height. In 1950s Paris, a young woman nicknamed Louki haunts a café called the Condé, casting a decided allure yet remaining mysterious and unknowable. A young hanger-on, the husband she abandoned, the detective searching for her—all try to grasp her and fail. Not unexpectedly, Modiano withholds her secret life to the end.”
—Library Journal, starred review

Thought Of The Day


Yes it’s true .
It’s a topic I just love to talk about and in the end of this blog post I have raised a intriguing question for my readers and do share your thoughts and suggestions.
Hmm commenting on love is very hard as you know well that we all have a different definitions and perspectives regarding love but the common mistakes we all make is that we all fall in love in one way or another just as same as everyone.We all earthlings are a part of this cycle of birth and rebirth of love at most point of our life .While some of them will be quite successful in their first attempt while many others will only be successfully after multiple attempts.
Yes by saying it is all about love.We are either in love ,dreaming about love,recovering from it,wishing for it or reflecting on it.
For a boy of early 20s life is all about love that keep on talking,reflecting recovering etc etc…
I too had a love story just like yours.It was quite memorable but in reality it was like sitting in front of food after many days of starvation and yet you can’t eat them.I too had spend months trying to tell her about my feeling but end up telling her only many years later that once I  had crush on her.
Time changed and changed and in the changed atmosphere the love keep on souring up in my mind and keep on remembering me that love is eternal and the only think I  have to do is to wait and act …

But Is There A Meaning In Waiting For Love ???

Memories Of Sunset 2


Memories Of Sunset 2:
It tried quite a lot in a figuring out the meaning of this particular picture which I captured a long time ago.As I was unable to find a powerful inner meaning my thoughts just compromised on idea that the picture signify the darkness gaining dominance over the light left on our heart and the earth.

A Day Out With The Guy


He is The True Anti Racist Leader ….

The Guy is a true fighter of colour based racism.As a matter of fact you may disagree calling him a fighter. I have seen him changing colours one after another and I just  doesn’t see the guy having any uneasiness for a particular colour.So I made the conclusion that the guy is the real anti racist that is out there.A true symbol for fighting against colour based racism.

It will be wonderful if scientists create something like that of a serum that allow humans to change colours like the guy.Since change in mindset of people is not gone happen and therefore it is better we try to use such an alternative so we all look alike.

#Anti_Racism_Photography 😉

Cam: Nikon D5200
Lens: Sigma 70-300mm

Hunger : Analysing A Thought Through Poetry And Photography


Hungry For More  . . . “Hunger” is a word that can be used in different context ,as it can be linked with different colours of inner meaning….

Remembering a poetry that will suite the situation to portray a deep and ugly form of human hunger.

“Hunger” by Jayanta Mahapatra :

It was hard to believe the flesh was heavy on my back.
The fisherman said: Will you have her, carelessly,
trailing his nets and his nerves, as though his words
sanctified the purpose with which he faced himself.
I saw his white bone thrash his eyes.

I followed him across the sprawling sands,
my mind thumping in the flesh’s sling.
Hope lay perhaps in burning the house I lived in.
Silence gripped my sleeves; his body clawed at the froth
his old nets had only dragged up from the seas.
In the flickering dark his hut opened like a wound.
The wind was I, and the days and nights before.
Palm fronds scratched my skin. Inside the shack
an oil lamp splayed the hours bunched to those walls.
Over and over the sticky soot crossed the space of my mind.

I heard him say: My daughter, she’s just turned fifteen…Feel her.
I’ll be back soon, your bus leaves at nine.
The sky fell on me, and a father’s exhausted wile.
Long and lean, her years were cold as rubber.
She opened her wormy legs wide.
I felt the hunger there,the other one, the fish slithering, turning inside.

Cam:Nikon D3200

When Time Taught Me A Lesson


Look at this picture taken by myself on a day out on bird watch.It just took me just a few seconds of my life to capture this piece of beauty.Those few seconds taught me why time is everything in our life.

Time is everything.I love saints because they recognize the fact that it is not the money that is the most precious thing ,it is the time.Once gone it is gone forever and leaving behind with us memories of our past.We used to see older people living in their retired life who spend a large part of their free time recollecting their old memories.I often used to see such elders in my life who used to tell me to live each and every second of my life as enjoyable as I can.
How hard the path you may have came through, the time will always leave you with memories of your past that will be  with you till the very last breathe of your life .
So Keep Enjoying The Life As Best As You Can …
Also Go Out And Explore The World As Best As You Can …