Another Environmental Day?


Wishing everyone a “happy” environmental day…
…Is it really a happy moment for us and do we  deserve to celebrate?
…Is dedicating a day in an year is what the best we could do to the mother nature?..
That is like taking a day off to love and save nature while the rest 364 days are spend on waging war against nature.

The picture taken shows us an image of a stray dog.As here I believe the stray dog is quite enough to showcase the scenario of human attitude towards nature.Here in the picture I see the dog in dark shade as the mother nature and the hot shining sun as ourself.The level of sand inclined to one side denotes the imbalance of nature.

Readers are opened to share their  thoughts about the image.

Camera :Nikon D3200
Lens :Tamron 70-300mm

26 thoughts on “Another Environmental Day?

  1. Hey Anand! I subscribe to your views completely. There is so much dichotomy in what humans do and say! I also wrote a post for World environmental day highlighting this aspect. thanks for posting it here.

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  2. A very poignant photograph Anand. The beauty of nature and the dog who has been abandoned by someone. I hope this dog finds someone to care for him and he will take great care of that person in return. A powerful image for World Environment Day, thank you so much for sharing.

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  3. Stray dog; stray humans – we’ve strayed from nature believing we can insulate ourselves with our technological prowess but ultimately we must work with nature and get over the current paradigm of believing ourselves to be at war with nature. I write about these themes on my blog if you’re interested to stop by! Have a great day 🙂

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