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Yes it’s true .
It’s a topic I just love to talk about and in the end of this blog post I have raised a intriguing question for my readers and do share your thoughts and suggestions.
Hmm commenting on love is very hard as you know well that we all have a different definitions and perspectives regarding love but the common mistakes we all make is that we all fall in love in one way or another just as same as everyone.We all earthlings are a part of this cycle of birth and rebirth of love at most point of our life .While some of them will be quite successful in their first attempt while many others will only be successfully after multiple attempts.
Yes by saying it is all about love.We are either in love ,dreaming about love,recovering from it,wishing for it or reflecting on it.
For a boy of early 20s life is all about love that keep on talking,reflecting recovering etc etc…
I too had a love story just like yours.It was quite memorable but in reality it was like sitting in front of food after many days of starvation and yet you can’t eat them.I too had spend months trying to tell her about my feeling but end up telling her only many years later that once I  had crush on her.
Time changed and changed and in the changed atmosphere the love keep on souring up in my mind and keep on remembering me that love is eternal and the only think I  have to do is to wait and act …

But Is There A Meaning In Waiting For Love ???

23 thoughts on “Thought Of The Day

  1. love.. it’s such a feeling which will take you to any heights..true love will never drop you down..and the intensity of love vary from a silly fascination to the deep rooted emotions..there is no waiting in love.. once it happens, it is there with you..

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    • I am a seeker ..that keep on seeking love but failed to find a pure soul …The problem is that i just can’t find a missing puzzle of the jigsaw of my life … and i keep on looking …so I am waiting as well as seeking

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  2. Perhaps it’s more a reason? Purpose of waiting? As with many things in life and life itself, we can generalize but ther are always exceptions to the rule. Here’s the generalization – only with maturity do you truly love because love involved work. In love comes naturally and no one waits. In fact, I think one cannot help the feeling of being in love. It’s like a chemical reaction. Love, on the other hand, is the conscious decision to stay in the in love even when you’re not in love. 😀

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  3. Although you posted this several months ago, I have just read it today. Very interesting post my friend. All I can say on this popular topic is: Don’t wait for love, instead prepare for it to enter your life. Clean your emotional house so when Love rings your doorbell, you are ready to welcome it in. This is a beautiful and thought-provoking post. Best regards to you, Cara Rosewyn

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