A Book For Reading 1


2014 Nobel Prize Winner Patrick Modiano Work
“In The Cafe Of Lost Youth” . . .
A Brilliant Portrayal of Paris of 1950s and a work threaded with a deep inspection of life of a girl who is moreover saying “lost” in Paris.

…..”In the Café of Lost Youth is a kind of suspense story. It is a story about the many facets of a single woman but also, unquestionably, a story about the multiple worlds within Paris, a city that, as much as any individual human being, remains essentially unknowable. It casts a near hypnotic spell” —Douglas Kennedy,L’Express

…. “Modiano at his height. In 1950s Paris, a young woman nicknamed Louki haunts a café called the Condé, casting a decided allure yet remaining mysterious and unknowable. A young hanger-on, the husband she abandoned, the detective searching for her—all try to grasp her and fail. Not unexpectedly, Modiano withholds her secret life to the end.”
—Library Journal, starred review

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