Infinite Love : Caption Contest 1


Yesterday I just quarreled with my mother and end up deciding in anger not to talk with her but end up talking to her accidentally after few hours and eventually turning the scenario into 😂..
Haha …Love you mom 💟… There will be instants in your life when you disagree with your mother but never ever forget the fact that your mother is the one that loves you the most and the one who always take care of your gugu gaga and giggles πŸ˜‰Β  .They are the real angels of this world.
On that very instant I thought of posting a post dedicated to all the loving and caring mom’s around the globe through a photo I have posted.
The picture posted here was taken few months ago on a hike and is quite enough I guess to denote the relationship between the child and its mother.The infinite bond of love that exist between them is quite large and superior that nothing in this world is quite powerful enough to disturb it ,that is neither my presence or of others.

Attention Readers !
Suggest a caption for this picture..The best one will be selected as the caption for this picture on Instagram.

38 thoughts on “Infinite Love : Caption Contest 1

  1. Look, two ways: Lucky you, Anand. a good one for philo ya, can insert everything from joined to the gen gap.
    Mothers, for me, she is my thought keeper~ she’ll have something wacky to say about this pic~

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  2. Thanks for reading, I guess I am following you because the note at the bottom just says ” notify me in case of comments” and not the one about following you. If I am not following you, let me know where your “follow” button is!

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