The Last Bird

I just captured this picture while the bird was observing something unique out there and I just was not aware of what it was observing..may be it was seeking a lover or a friend or the food ..who knows..Or may be lost in thoughts that humans are yet to understand.. 

As I captured this I asked the bird

Birdie why are you simply sitting and gazing at the barren field?Don’t you have mouths to feed back home.Or are you waiting for someone?Birdie Birdie tell me?

Birdie told me 

I am simply sitting here because I am all alone and I have no home and I have no family and so I have no mouths to feed.I am not looking at the barren field which was once my home but I am looking at the infinity that lay in the future.I am not sorry about my loses that humans have brought me but I am sorry about humans because they are unaware that they are digging their on grave.Yesterday I was there to give last respect for the demise but tomorrow tell me friend who will be there to shed a tear for my death…

22 thoughts on “The Last Bird

  1. Very true…we humans have cut forests for industrial,commercial or any other purposes selfishly without thinking about other living things like plants,animals & birds etc….
    The picture captured truly speaks a lot.
    Beautiful pic…

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