Photography Talk 1


Camera:Nikon D3200
Lens :Nikkor

Photography Talk 1:
Framing And Composition
…. Another key factors to consider being a photographer…How to frame a shot is very much important while capturing a picture.The significance of  composing is important since it tells a photographer about what there should be and should not be in a picture while you try to capture something.Either be a user of smartphone camera or a professional camera the rule of framing and composition is very significant.




What if we can fly like a bird?

If it’s hard for you to imagine the situation just consider that one morning when you woke up having wings like birds and what will you do?
You will be flying around all day and you will end up dumbing your vehicles.There will be no need for your cars or your scooters .Also you will not be bothered about using trains or aeroplane.And you will end up saving tons of money spend on your automobiles.

#Pollution Free
#Traffic Free
#Money Saved
#Good Exercise 
#Will Stay Healthy

Halo Dreamer,

If you can imagine such a dream of impossibility for a better tomorrow why can’t you imagine  a dream of possibility  that can be done when you woke up…

Save Energy Save Nature Save Yourself

Another Environmental Day?


Wishing everyone a “happy” environmental day…
…Is it really a happy moment for us and do we  deserve to celebrate?
…Is dedicating a day in an year is what the best we could do to the mother nature?..
That is like taking a day off to love and save nature while the rest 364 days are spend on waging war against nature.

The picture taken shows us an image of a stray dog.As here I believe the stray dog is quite enough to showcase the scenario of human attitude towards nature.Here in the picture I see the dog in dark shade as the mother nature and the hot shining sun as ourself.The level of sand inclined to one side denotes the imbalance of nature.

Readers are opened to share their  thoughts about the image.

Camera :Nikon D3200
Lens :Tamron 70-300mm

A Day Out In Rain (മഴ )



വീണ്ടും ഒരു മഴകാലം
പുത്തനുടുപും ബാഗും ഒക്കെയായി സ്കൂൾ  പോയിരുന്ന കഴിഞ്ഞ കാലം ഒരിക്കൽ കൂടി ഓർക്കുന്നു.

മഴ : അനുഭൂതിയാണ്…, വർണവും  വസന്തവും, വിരഹവും  വിഷാധവും ചാലിച്ച പോയ കാലത്തിെൻറ നേരിയ ചാലിൽ നിന്ന് നാളെയുടെ  അഴക്കടലിേലക്ക്  ഇറ്റുവീഴുന്ന  അനശ്വരമായ അനുഭൂതിയുടെ  നിലകാത്ത ധാര….
The photos posted are quite old and was taken years ago on similar times…

Memories Of A Sunset


The light that is left in my heart..

Oh sunset .. I just want to write a story about you but I just can’t able to because I just don’t know where to start..You are just a pure soul of eternal beauty that keep on remembering me my yesterdays..
Memories just pop up in my mind all the time whenever I went out to see the sunset and I always stays late till dark until every single source of light disappears both in my heart and earth.

Farewell My Friend For Another Day With A Hope For A Better Tomorrow.

Cam: Nikon D3200
Lens: Sigma