A Mysterious Friend

​There may be people out there who just fall into your life for a short period of time and fall out suddenly one day without notice.They may be not a best friend or may be not a lover or somebody you have never ever seen but they are those that plays a key role in your life and whose absence is felt thereafter in your life.It is hard to forget those people.Its a form of attachment that is quite not often seen in your life.You just can’t get rid of them from your memory .I too had such an experience in my life that I just want to share with readers

The mysterious friend ‘Asna ‘

She entered into my life one day out of nowhere in Facebook and eventually turned out to be a good friend to chat with and all of a sudden left one day after few months without even saying a good-bye. I still search for her in the Facebook but never saw her since the day she left.Gone away with the wind and who knows where she is right now.As you may feel I had crush on her but I swear I never had such a feeling and just loved only the feeling of a chatting with a strange friend living miles away from where I am.We used to chat daily and it was a daily routine for me those days that she became a part of my life.She was from another district of my state and was from a different religion and was from a highly Orthodox family.Sometimes we used to quarrel a lot but eventually turned up chatting.I never was quite sure about the information she had provided to me was authentic.Even if it was a fake ID I  say I really liked chatting with her.There is least chance of the account being a fake.After few months of continues chatting she left one day without even saying a goodbye.I didn’t know why and i suppose I will never know the reason.Today I do thank her for being such a good and lovely stranger who spend the valuable time chatting with me.Miss you lol wherever you are.

“Life is all about adventures you are in and one day it will put you in unexpected endings”

: Anand 

The Moments 1


Everyone Has A Story

Sometimes when you freeze the time it just looks so damn beautiful…Ok, if you didn’t get that feeling I just say it’s just similar to the mutant guy Quick Silver in X-Men who freezes the time to kick the bad guys so bad , really bad.It is pretty nice scene to watch in that movie.But here I can do the same with a professional camera and can just freeze the time on a quite higher shutter speed than being a mutant.

 Hoping For The Day’s Meals

It was photographed once when I went on for a long trip through the coastal areas connecting a number of beaches and eventually ending up in my nearby state of Karnataka.

Being a travelholic rather than being a  alcoholic is what I am today.

Alas ! It’s Just The Game Of Thrones 

In the midst of somebody’s wastes there lives the poor souls …

…Life is an example for thoughts that circles around your tiny little brain.. This picture resembles the system in which we are a part of.The one who rules and the one who get ruled.

Wastes are a part of the system that changes every 5 years through an election.When one system changes another system take its place.But they do carryout the tasks as perfectly as the way it used to be yesterday. The new system should just be a new colour on an old outfit.There is no scope or need for changes.Election manifesto may include a reference to the waste management,but it is better not to clean the mess up.In case if a change occurs then the traditional manifesto that never used to be a subject of change should have to be changed.It is  just unthinkable. So it’s better to play the cat and mouse game just the way the former system used to play.

So the Change.. Stop Right There …Sorry I dunno think so …

So back to the image that I have taken.The wastes looks much more than it used to be there yesterday and it do cover equally all over the place.In the midst of the wastes lies the life of the fishermen and their agonies and it’s getting worse.

Butterflying 2 

It’s yellow everywhere.. I mean the butterflies…..

As to the good response I received on my earlier blog on “butterflying”,I thought of posting few photos of mine for my fellow readers who are impressed by the “on flight mode” picture of a butterfly…

Retelling the same old story of flying higher than ever before.


A Butterfly On Flight … Captured few weeks ago
Fly High Fly High my friend or else somebody else will fly higher than you..There is no meaning in waiting and the only thing that is meaningful is to fly high..

Thought Of The Day 

“During the time you spend here in earth ,there will only be two days in your life when you are treated like a real hero.That is when you are Born and when you are Dead.”

Am I Right Or Wrong … ??

Open For Suggestions

Tale Of A Fallen Flower

Fallen Flower…

3 years ago when I captured this picture it was just like as if it was lying down all day waiting for me to photograph it.It was dying and was eventually draining it’s beauty while I captured this picture.

Yesterday I was beautiful and everybody loved me and I  was young at my age and everytime somebody went past me they looked at me and admired me.But today everything changed and it feels like being so lonely. ..Yesterday I thought that everyone will be aside me all the time and I never thought about my fall,a day when death eventually  appears out of nowhere.I underestimated death thinking I am young and I have time and never thought about death.But today I am nobody just a fallen leaf on a floor dying…

Human beings are quite so.In the most successful years of your life there will be a lot who want to be with you.After you left that phase of your life you will be more like a man living in your long lost memories of the past and spending rest of the days recollecting those yesterdays and vivid memories of different colours.We realise the meaning of our life only in those days when death arrives knocking at your doors.But it will be already too late for correcting the mistakes that you have made in your life.

Dear Friend ,

So Try Hard To Live Your Life As If There Is No Tomorrow…

Tales Of Job And Job Seekers

Hahaa yes I am proud to be a Keralite..

It’s almost true in sense as my small state situated at the south India is quite well known for being soo educated that we don’t even know what to do next…

But  …

Jobs keep on shrinking daily and unemployment sore all time high.Lakhs and Lakhs of job seekers are flooding into the job market on daily basis .. From the common worker to highly paid professionals ,the table looks a lot crowded these days with job seekers.Since for a keralalite the arab nations are the major job market for decades.Likewise telling it is one of the major source that paves the way for the economic growth of the state.It is one of the key reasons behind the rapid development in the state during the course of last few decades.Economy progressed drastically compared to many other states of India.But things keep on getting worse for us soon due to massive reforms and events that occurred around the globe.From the Brexit to serious unrest in the middle East and finally the all new reforms started in Arab nations like in  the Saudi Arabia resulted in the termination of job for many Keralalites.Now just the only question that remains with fear is whether it may lead to the collapse of the current economy of the state.If so,What is the backup plans ministers???What do newbie job seekers do???What do I and you do???

Image Source :Unknown

Note:The monkey may be from the movie ‘planet of apes’.Huh who knows but It do looks soo intellectual like the ones in the movie.;)

Thought Of The Day 

It’s just casual as usual as I thought of posting a habitual and a conceptual thought for my usual as well as intellectual readers.;) 

So let us discuss about a particular quote I just went past on an occasion recently.

“The only contribution that we will ever make in this world will be born of our creativity”

Creativity is born when we finds an answer to a very simple question that keep on disturbing us during our younger ages…What are we good at?It kept on playing jigsaw games in our mind all the time.Sometimes we end up making a mistake trying to find the correct pieces.But in the end everything will fit perfect.

While I was young I used to believe that I will be joining the military one day no matter what hardship it takes.Being more of a military personnel is what I believed I am suitable for.But in few years I realised in vain that it’s not my field of expertise and dropped it eventually.Time taught all of us a lesson and it do taught my decision was wrong.But looking back at those yesterdays I feel much more comfortable and confident so that I undertook the right decision today.Today I feel much more confident playing with words and pictures. Also despite having a big mouth to speak day after day i am a bit confident about being a journalist or being a photographer.Even if you are a small fish in a big pond never loose your hope of being a big fish one day.And if you want to do something like that I ask  you to believe in what you are best to do.It may be a hard way but never loose hope my friend.Just nurture your talents for a better tomorrow and I am sure that your creativity is the road that can lead your life to glory … 

Believe in your creativity:D


High Ranges 2: The Beauty And The Beast 

High Ranges 2

It is a house on the hill…where some people lives in the midst of their own problems,anxieties and dreams. We travel through the beauty of the nature admiring it and worshiping it’s beauty.There are times when we really think of getting settled in some exotic places we tend to visit.But it’s just a short term attractiveness we felt due to beauty of such places that creates a mesmerizing effect on us.It is just  the beautiful or the mesmerizing part that a tourist mostly sees and not the harsh reality of life of people living in those places.

Tourism have left deep scares on the life of native people rather than giving them with what they really want.Human modernisation and habits left these natives in dismay.They are barred from the new world and it’s norms.Those natives who are stuck in tourism are really just like a weight on which a peace of artifact is balanced.You can’t let yourself go because it is your duty to stick to the artifact.Thus the natives of such places are mostly devoured by the beauty and the beast.The beauty is ruled by the beast in us.