Thought Of The Day 

“The histories most bloodiest wars are fought in the name of god and not in the name of satan” 

It’s true in sense and a little bit a disturbing thought to say. . .Many will object my usage but it’s a painful truth.

Through the ages from the Crusades to the current contemporary Religious Terrorism is all been fought in the name of god.

14 thoughts on “Thought Of The Day 

  1. people fight.. why blame god/power we assume to have made us all for that! Kings/presidents/prime ministers.. some of them out of their egos made wrong choices! when we see them in hindsight.. they are quite bloody..

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  2. This topic is always interesting.. I think these wars happen due to our perspective or I would say our attitude towards god..I think the man is responsible for what he do..y blame God😂


  3. It seems that it’s of no use when we speak of morality in public, and it’s visibly clear that when it comes to religion, people get crazy and create fuss all around
    So true that people talk of God and say they believe in his presence, but they create bloodshed in his name too
    Is it what we call true belief?
    Feeling shameful on the bureaucracy who keep promoting these in the name of good

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    • Hmm it’s a good approach in tackling the situation…
      This particular instinct of people is not gone change .. unless something very drastic have to happen … untill the day god is misspelled as dog by people…

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