Meeting The Sun 

I  Captured This Picture On An Hike Once…

Just captured it before he hides behind the mountains…

Heyy Sunn whyy aree youu inn hurryy??

My dear son,I am too tired after shinning here as it looked like people just don’t want me to be here all time..In the early morning people cursed me for disturbing their sleep and once they are busy with their life they asked me to go away and wish for my departure so they can go back home to their dear ones.Sometimes in the rainy days when I agitates to go out they pray for me and when I am happy and keep on shining in my full glory like in summer days they blame me for the hot temperature.

What happened to the humans I have known since ages?

Was It my mistake that the earth’s balance corrupted ?

Was it my mistake that ozone layer depleted?

Was it my mistake that temperature rises?

Tell me my human is it all my mistakes…

Suddenly he disappeared behind the mountains without giving me anything else to write about his agony … 

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