High Ranges 2: The Beauty And The Beast 

High Ranges 2

It is a house on the hill…where some people lives in the midst of their own problems,anxieties and dreams. We travel through the beauty of the nature admiring it and worshiping it’s beauty.There are times when we really think of getting settled in some exotic places we tend to visit.But it’s just a short term attractiveness we felt due to beauty of such places that creates a mesmerizing effect on us.It is just  the beautiful or the mesmerizing part that a tourist mostly sees and not the harsh reality of life of people living in those places.

Tourism have left deep scares on the life of native people rather than giving them with what they really want.Human modernisation and habits left these natives in dismay.They are barred from the new world and it’s norms.Those natives who are stuck in tourism are really just like a weight on which a peace of artifact is balanced.You can’t let yourself go because it is your duty to stick to the artifact.Thus the natives of such places are mostly devoured by the beauty and the beast.The beauty is ruled by the beast in us.

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