Thought Of The Day 

It’s just casual as usual as I thought of posting a habitual and a conceptual thought for my usual as well as intellectual readers.;) 

So let us discuss about a particular quote I just went past on an occasion recently.

“The only contribution that we will ever make in this world will be born of our creativity”

Creativity is born when we finds an answer to a very simple question that keep on disturbing us during our younger ages…What are we good at?It kept on playing jigsaw games in our mind all the time.Sometimes we end up making a mistake trying to find the correct pieces.But in the end everything will fit perfect.

While I was young I used to believe that I will be joining the military one day no matter what hardship it takes.Being more of a military personnel is what I believed I am suitable for.But in few years I realised in vain that it’s not my field of expertise and dropped it eventually.Time taught all of us a lesson and it do taught my decision was wrong.But looking back at those yesterdays I feel much more comfortable and confident so that I undertook the right decision today.Today I feel much more confident playing with words and pictures. Also despite having a big mouth to speak day after day i am a bit confident about being a journalist or being a photographer.Even if you are a small fish in a big pond never loose your hope of being a big fish one day.And if you want to do something like that I ask  you to believe in what you are best to do.It may be a hard way but never loose hope my friend.Just nurture your talents for a better tomorrow and I am sure that your creativity is the road that can lead your life to glory … 

Believe in your creativity:D


20 thoughts on “Thought Of The Day 

  1. Lovely thought, thank you for sharing! As an arts student I often feel insecure about not being able to contribute anything worthwhile to society. But posts like this renew my belief in the power of creativity.

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