Tales Of Job And Job Seekers

Hahaa yes I am proud to be a Keralite..

It’s almost true in sense as my small state situated at the south India is quite well known for being soo educated that we don’t even know what to do next…

But  …

Jobs keep on shrinking daily and unemployment sore all time high.Lakhs and Lakhs of job seekers are flooding into the job market on daily basis .. From the common worker to highly paid professionals ,the table looks a lot crowded these days with job seekers.Since for a keralalite the arab nations are the major job market for decades.Likewise telling it is one of the major source that paves the way for the economic growth of the state.It is one of the key reasons behind the rapid development in the state during the course of last few decades.Economy progressed drastically compared to many other states of India.But things keep on getting worse for us soon due to massive reforms and events that occurred around the globe.From the Brexit to serious unrest in the middle East and finally the all new reforms started in Arab nations like in  the Saudi Arabia resulted in the termination of job for many Keralalites.Now just the only question that remains with fear is whether it may lead to the collapse of the current economy of the state.If so,What is the backup plans ministers???What do newbie job seekers do???What do I and you do???

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Note:The monkey may be from the movie ‘planet of apes’.Huh who knows but It do looks soo intellectual like the ones in the movie.;)

30 thoughts on “Tales Of Job And Job Seekers

  1. Yes .. It do .. it’s not right .. but I am happy in case when I see the most of the children here in Kerala have the opportunity to set foot on the school.
    Compared to other states like in Bihar ,Bengal and all its really a good news after all …

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  2. Good questions which expose the great lie foisted upon people: that they could rely upon and trust their government and business leaders to take care of things. Now people everywhere, not only in your state, are going to have to rediscover the skill of making it on their own and not remain dependent upon corrupt bureaucracies for their daily bread. That’s a massive challenge but soon it will have to be that or become homeless and starve.

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  3. anand..isn’t it a terror fact that we are 100 % literate…? we are getting the basic educations in the best way, I mean teaching languages and mathematics.. But while coming to the real life, are we really using what we learned ? there is something lacking in our education.. every one is taught to be engineers or doctors or something like that.. that’s why ultimately we are forced to go to Arab countries.. why the kids are not taught to be entrepreneurs..?

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    • I have a friend who c completed Btech and later MBA .. and end up as a clerk … is not it weird… That’s the weirdo part of education here..it’s just because of the reason why I posted my last blog on creativity …

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    • Great question… and the obvious answer is, independent entrepreneurs pose a threat to the NWO; to the globalists. They want and need slaves, not individuals empowered to look after their own needs. As to education, it’s just a huge bureaucratic industry, another money-grabbing scam just like the military. It’s aim isn’t to teach useful or practical skills but to dazzle young people with the dream of a high paying job. So the longer they stay “in school” the longer they remain dependent, learn no life skills and the more debt they accumulate to start their own lives. Once in debt, they are enslaved – and that goes even if education is offered “for free” because in a capitalist system nothing is ever free, quite the opposite. The other evil from this is that too many people emerge from universities with “degrees” that are useless: either there are too many highly educated people, or their credentials make it so that no one can afford to higher them. So many lose those years spent getting degrees and end up having to learn to work with their hands and now they can’t find the satisfaction that must go with manual/menial labour to make it tolerable. Conclusion: many people living in misery, discomfort, disillusionment and such things can lead to many evils, including turning to drugs to dull the effect of “being a loser” in a world set up to make “losers.” Of course that can all be changed but first the “believers” in the System have to awaken and ditch the System, one by one – through the self-empowered practice of “satyagraha” as Gandhi taught. Thus speaketh experience… 🙂

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    • Yes Yes … First Priority is always education … That’s right … But it’s hard these days with all these graduates all around .and in. the talented end up in wrong premises .. That’s where things are getting wrong


  4. I believe that a shift is coming quickly and these trends of economic struggle will be over, as we move to a world free of the policies that have kept all humanity enslaved. I, and others, have been working toward this for a very long time and the evidence is here that it isn’t far away. Brexit was actually a positive sign underscoring this upcoming shift into sovereignty for all.

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