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“During the time you spend here in earth ,there will only be two days in your life when you are treated like a real hero.That is when you are Born and when you are Dead.”

Am I Right Or Wrong … ??

Open For Suggestions

26 thoughts on “Thought Of The Day 

  1. I believe there are many times in a person’s life where they are treated like a hero. It depends upon the person though. As a Mom, just doing the most simple thing for a child, the child often reveres the parent, and idolizes them as a hero. I’ve been a teacher and also a healing therapist, and have had numerous children and adults see me as a hero.

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    • Yes But humans are treated and remembered will all the respect on his/her death and somebody misses him/her on their death or somebody is happy on the birth

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      • I understand but you asked about “heroes “…asking if birth and death were the only times people were treated or seen as heroes. So using the definition of heroes used in my culture, humans are viewed as heroes in many instances.

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  2. Those two days are earth shattering occurrences. Life bursts forth, fizzles to day-to-day survival with a few fantastical days and then ends in years of memories. Fireworks are saved for holidays or we find the beauty fizzles out.

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  3. True..I agree with you..there may be a various occasions when people are treated with love and care..but still a man is more honoured,as you said treated like a hero on these two days.when he is born or when he is died.agree with you.

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  4. To the “born” instance, I think it depends heavily on whether you are wanted or not. Many children born are seen as a curse. (I certainly was NOT seen as a hero at my birth!) As to the “dead” instance, I think it depends heavily on the kind of life you lived, whether you made friends, were basically anti-social or selfish, or whether you made enemies. Dead people often looked upon as heroes, however temporarily, are usually individuals who died “in the line of duty” i.e., who are considered to have given their life to save another, or others.

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    • Maybe .. I am a bit old school guy..just love to play with thoughts ..that’s all …
      Your blog is great ..
      Anyway Thank-you and nice to meet you .. 😃


  5. at d time of birth n death dt guy is real hero because he has to face many new situations.all’s attetions r fully on him .these situations r come twice in a man life.otherwise,he do many great work in his life as u n me.

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