Alas ! It’s Just The Game Of Thrones 

In the midst of somebody’s wastes there lives the poor souls …

…Life is an example for thoughts that circles around your tiny little brain.. This picture resembles the system in which we are a part of.The one who rules and the one who get ruled.

Wastes are a part of the system that changes every 5 years through an election.When one system changes another system take its place.But they do carryout the tasks as perfectly as the way it used to be yesterday. The new system should just be a new colour on an old outfit.There is no scope or need for changes.Election manifesto may include a reference to the waste management,but it is better not to clean the mess up.In case if a change occurs then the traditional manifesto that never used to be a subject of change should have to be changed.It is  just unthinkable. So it’s better to play the cat and mouse game just the way the former system used to play.

So the Change.. Stop Right There …Sorry I dunno think so …

So back to the image that I have taken.The wastes looks much more than it used to be there yesterday and it do cover equally all over the place.In the midst of the wastes lies the life of the fishermen and their agonies and it’s getting worse.

22 thoughts on “Alas ! It’s Just The Game Of Thrones 

      • The system doesn’t resemble that photo. Living with the refuse is a choice. It’s a reinforcement of the thought that “I belong with the garbage because that’s what I am”. It’s not the system that puts one there. At least that’s how it works in America.

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      • It’s different here. . yes it do resembles the less .. but in a sense the system is the one that can change it .. why do people dumb wastes .. because there lack the facilities for proper disposal.. if that situation arises then people do dumb waste outside publicly.. Since another reason for issue is because of overpopulation here in India ..
        Then the only one here who can carry out some change is the govt and when they won’t perform that … We blame govt

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  1. This is powerful food for thought stuff Anand …..I guess my thinking is …we all need to produce less waste …or at least less of the non biodegradable kind …..we need to recycle more ( which I guess is what ‘the wastes’ do is it?
    If that IS what they do …..maybe with the push for environmental energy and more environmentally aware waste management ‘the wastes’ could be at the forefront of this movement in India in terms of employment and lifting out of abject poverty ….I understand Modi is into environmental stuff and the plight of the poor but correct me if I’m wrong.
    None of the ‘systems’ around the world seem to be doing too well at the moment …..I guess I personally feel ‘democracy’ is the best thing we have at the moment …need to ensure ALL have a voice tho …including ‘the wastes’ AND the fishermen
    The start is ALWAYS raising awareness of the issues tho ….which you have done with this post Anand so Thankyou:)

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    • There are those images like the fisherman out there who symbolises the problem out there and when we voice our question through them .. people who are blamed understands something out of it .I guess .. thank you for valuable comment

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  2. The bottom line is, Earthians are predators. That’s the mindset. For thousands of years, without technology to produce useless waste, nature took care of man’s wastes and recycled them naturally. Then came metals that took much longer for the earth to absorb. Then came plastics and chemicals and the problem exacerbated with exponential increase in population. “Man” has chosen not to take responsibility for himself, rather letting “agencies” deal with the results of his decadent lifestyle, so your photograph demonstrates the obvious results. Here in N. America wastes are still being buried in landfills and the costs are mounting. As poverty numbers rise, and the rich pay less taxes, more and more garbage doesn’t make it to the “dump” and ends up on roadsides and river sides. There is also the less visible pollution from manufacturing and agri-business that seeps into the ground and poisons entire rivers. Then there are vast areas of large cities that are falling apart as if they’d been through bombings. There is no “money” to maintain or rebuild. People are being poisoned by a toxic environment, including rising levels of lead and less noticeable chemicals mixed in city water supplies. There are many “answers” to this decadence, but they will not be engaged because every answer goes against man’s predatory mindset: the right to do whatever without thought to consequences, and they would also cut into profits for the rich and comforts for the more affluent.

    What your camera so eloquently demonstrates is what scientists call entropy. Entropy is the gradual using up of available energy until all is used up, that is, the energy is still there, but in unusable form. This is an irreversible process without a complete system change and the end thereof is death of the system Earth is a dying system but “man” is simply incapable of observing and reasoning the process. The creature is hard-wired to extract, extort, draw out, rape, conquer, control and kill for sustenance, profit, “honour” and pleasure. It never evolved beyond that into empathy and compassion because these would destroy the artificial exploitative system man now almost exclusively relies on for survival. Man reached his limits to growth long ago but still does not realize what that means for the immediate future.

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    • Yes very much true .. It’s the reality Thank you for sharing the information…Thanks for the information on Entropy … I never have known …😃😃😃

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  3. I don’t agree completely with how you’ve compared the system to the waste disposal system but the picture does evoke strong thoughts how we need to be more aware of the wastes we generate and dispose it off wisely.

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