A Mysterious Friend

​There may be people out there who just fall into your life for a short period of time and fall out suddenly one day without notice.They may be not a best friend or may be not a lover or somebody you have never ever seen but they are those that plays a key role in your life and whose absence is felt thereafter in your life.It is hard to forget those people.Its a form of attachment that is quite not often seen in your life.You just can’t get rid of them from your memory .I too had such an experience in my life that I just want to share with readers

The mysterious friend ‘Asna ‘

She entered into my life one day out of nowhere in Facebook and eventually turned out to be a good friend to chat with and all of a sudden left one day after few months without even saying a good-bye. I still search for her in the Facebook but never saw her since the day she left.Gone away with the wind and who knows where she is right now.As you may feel I had crush on her but I swear I never had such a feeling and just loved only the feeling of a chatting with a strange friend living miles away from where I am.We used to chat daily and it was a daily routine for me those days that she became a part of my life.She was from another district of my state and was from a different religion and was from a highly Orthodox family.Sometimes we used to quarrel a lot but eventually turned up chatting.I never was quite sure about the information she had provided to me was authentic.Even if it was a fake ID I  say I really liked chatting with her.There is least chance of the account being a fake.After few months of continues chatting she left one day without even saying a goodbye.I didn’t know why and i suppose I will never know the reason.Today I do thank her for being such a good and lovely stranger who spend the valuable time chatting with me.Miss you lol wherever you are.

“Life is all about adventures you are in and one day it will put you in unexpected endings”

: Anand 

35 thoughts on “A Mysterious Friend

  1. Aana does sound like a nice person πŸ™‚ I agree, sometimes you find friends in the most unexpected times or Places in life but they make an impact…they leave memories that are deeply etched in our minds and it just feels like the most natural course of events! And when they leave, it hurts…
    But it’s worth meeting them nevertheless πŸ™‚
    Your post reminded me of the people who were a breath of fresh air in my own life. Cheers!

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  2. Such a loss. Hope she is OK. Our online friendships can grow to mean a lot. I have a story. Years ago I met a man online who I found while searching for friends or relatives of my father who was Navy pilot in WWII and flew PBYs in the Caribbean and Pacific. Bob Moran flew with dad and he became like my long lost father we wrote every week. He died and I still miss him deeply. His account is on my site http://www.sherryfelix.com/family/hechler-ww2/Hechler_PBY_Moran.html

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  3. This is not the first time I’m thinking about the same. why do we come across such people… Maybe God needs us to understand how people may come and go in our lives, and teaches us how different people can be. I never had this kinda experience, but it’s a fact that such a mysterious friend is existing in all our lives.
    Thanks Anand, for such a thought on life.


  4. Yep. This one got to me. I’ve had similar things happen to me with people that I thought I couldn’t live without. It’s happened twice. Once in high school and once in college. Both times we had gotten so close. I felt at such ease when I was with them. Then came the day our lives simply took us apart. To this day I think often and very fondly of my two mysteries. Al I hope is that they’re each happy, and I’m always easened knowing full well that they were only meant to be in my life for the short times that they were. At least I got to know them for a little while. On to the next mystery of life :]

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  5. The best thing about what you have shared is “Honesty”. Everyone has such stories in their lives but it takes a lot of guts to come out and tell everyone about something like this. Most people think about what would others think about it and what if they laugh at me. You have laughed at yourself while sharing this. You are a spirited man!

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