Meeting The Sun 

I  Captured This Picture On An Hike Once…

Just captured it before he hides behind the mountains…

Heyy Sunn whyy aree youu inn hurryy??

My dear son,I am too tired after shinning here as it looked like people just don’t want me to be here all time..In the early morning people cursed me for disturbing their sleep and once they are busy with their life they asked me to go away and wish for my departure so they can go back home to their dear ones.Sometimes in the rainy days when I agitates to go out they pray for me and when I am happy and keep on shining in my full glory like in summer days they blame me for the hot temperature.

What happened to the humans I have known since ages?

Was It my mistake that the earth’s balance corrupted ?

Was it my mistake that ozone layer depleted?

Was it my mistake that temperature rises?

Tell me my human is it all my mistakes…

Suddenly he disappeared behind the mountains without giving me anything else to write about his agony … 

Thought Of The Day 

“The histories most bloodiest wars are fought in the name of god and not in the name of satan” 

It’s true in sense and a little bit a disturbing thought to say. . .Many will object my usage but it’s a painful truth.

Through the ages from the Crusades to the current contemporary Religious Terrorism is all been fought in the name of god.

High Ranges

Ride into the high ranges and tea plantations…so happy to relieve from the stress …In cold with a cup of tea .. in a tea plantation and a DSLR camera and a headset plugged into smartphone with enough time to spare life looks different and refreshed 

Pics taken from Munnar Hill Station 😀

Cam:Nikon D5000

Real Love Story Of Kanchanamala and Moideen 

Love is eternal if you want it to be eternal …..

I started believing it from the moment I read the real life incident ,a true love story of eternal love.It is not like a drama of Shakespearean love or like the poetry of Keats or like a film of love nor of any love story you have ever heard.It is powerful and a true example of eternal love.

Spare few minutes of your time to go through the life of Kanchana and Moideen..

Check the link below for story..

Virgin Diaries : Chapter 3

He finished his lunch so swiftly because he have a lot in pending to do before the yearly inspection that is gone be on next week which was unexpected.Usually it used to be conducted at the end of the year.Leaving the canteen deep in thoughts about his work he suddenly saw the glimpse of the women who was looking at her.He felt her funnier with her random coloured dress that just looked like discarded sci-fiction costume like in hollywood movies.Walking past her he felt a feeling that he turned his gaze right at her.

No it can’t be her.He was not able to concentrate on his work sitting at his century old cabin and inbetween tons of pending paper works from ages.After regaining his present state of mind he felt a number of questions arise in his mind despite the fact that he knows that he always wanted to get an answer for.

As the evening began slowly approaching Angelina was in her well air-conditioned office busy working on her next work.Even she was working swiftly something else was bothering in her mind.Did he recognised me???

“Readers fill in the part of what he sees here in her….and story develops on the way you wanted ..  A maximum suggested point out of the given following will be considered for the development of the story… 

He remembers that

 1 :She is his childhood crush

2:Ex Girlfriend 

3: Just friend 

4: College mate

5: Distant Cousin ”

A new way of approach in story telling…So hurry suggest your point .

Virgin Diaries : Chapter 2

Her long pony tail hair and her height was just liked a carved out statue of a Greek goddess and always used to be a subject for appreciation for her friends and secret lovers.She was probably more made up of an academic oriented personality rather than  a friendlier figure to everyone who tried to understand her.Moreover simply saying she was a hot chick in a library with Shelly,Keats and many others as her boyfriends.

Born in a Christian Orthodox family she was never tempted by the religious thoughts or beliefs like the rest of her family.Her name Angela never suited her nature.She believed religion as a source for good thinking and moreover never was ready to leave everything to the hands of Jesus.

The books influenced her thoughts so much that ,by the age she entered the Holy Chapel College she was more thoughtful and brilliant than the rest of her colleagues.But her overcautious life brought her many agonies throughout her teenage.Whenever she recalls the day that changed everything in her life she still can feel inside her the deep sense of fear that almost destroyed her life once

Virgin Diaries : Chapter 1

I was just walking as usual through the corridors.It was noon and I was too much hungry that the only thing that bothers my busy mind was to eat something before the canteen closes.Usually I used to arrive for my lunch earlier but today I was late after a conversation with my mom who was sad that I dropped a recent marriage proposal.Yes that girl was a sort of dumb bureaucrat and was not at all of my tastes.It was better that I dropped her.As usual most of the seats were empty and canteen looks as dull as the  climate.I occupied my usual spot at the corner of the room facing the door.The small window on my side was closed as usual and the dark shades of trees is dimly visible through the glass and it kept looking like it’s smirking at me.As I was lost myself in my thoughts I never noticed a women sitting in a table across the room.

It was almost an year since she started working here in City International and from the first day onwards she always used to be  busy with her work and her stressful life keep on questioning her limits.Despite doing the role of creative writer for the magazine each and everyday it felt like she was loosing her taste for creativity.I just need a break and it’s so necessary or else I will loose everything.Lost in her thoughts she was having the usual stale chapati and masala curry which was quite enough for her belly.Canteen was almost empty and with the aged couples at distant corner and a man of early 30s were the only ones present.The couple’s were enjoying their time together and were busy talking as if they have just met each other after a long time. The other occupant was the man in his early 30s probably working in one of clerical departments on second floor.His shabby looking dress and the tiredness shows the very idea that the man is from one of those departments.Inspite of having seen so many like him, there was something in his outlook that brings in an attraction.Suddenly she had a feeling that she had known him in the past .A sense of fear erupted inside her.

Seeking Buddha

Buddham saranam gacchami

:I go to the Buddha for refuge

Dhammam saranam gacchami

:I go to the Dhamma for refuge

Sangham saranam gacchami

:I go to the Sangha for refuge.

Once I went on for a long trip and end up in place where I saw the meaning of the real peaceful life..where I met this guy … the Buddhist Monk who taught me a new way of living

 ..The word ‘Buddha’ itself meaning ‘The one who knows’ ,holds the answer for many questions that troubles you in your life . . .If you want some answers it will be the best place you can find some…

Spending almost a day there in monastery I realised how life circles around in the life of a Buddhist…

And I tried to capture another part of their life ..just the part we just generally doesn’t see through pictures…

the impact of outside world 

A Break With A Soft drink.

A boy with Football and a boy with flute.