Backyard Tales

Water drops Water drops Everywhere ,in the wild wild nature and all all around me .

Slowly walking through the wilderness I saw the upcoming days of Onam festival deep down in the forest floor.My insane and cruel mind was begging me to step over it and crush it.

My eyes : Eyy Let’s kill this .. it will be fun ..

Third eye: No it looks gorgeous.Stop behaving like that bose.

 Me:It’s just my instinct..What will we do now ? Wait ,why can’t we just give our readers something they except from me.

Third eye:Ya! Let’s do it then.

Hold me still ,steady,ready,3-2-1 !!!

(Oh you beautiful, let me show your beauty to all my dear readers who I had left abandoned one day without saying any goodbyes.I think they will surely like you ..)

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