The Day 

The Room was full of soft glow of  the evening sun .It was fading away and soon darkness will take its place.Everybody seems to be looking so much different and there was a lot of unfamiliar faces.The room was not so large and due to the presence of people from all over place it’s hard to see all the faces.Somewhere outside the voice are to be heard and among them I could hear some familiar voices.


Ohh!Right now I am in the midst of the garden near to the mango tree that I have planted years ago and it is one of the few living things that never cheated me in my life.Such a loyal friend.People kept on looking at me with such pitiful eyes .Its quite hard to see certain faces that shows such false emotions and quote plainly saying it never quite suite them.

(Silence,Somewhere somebody talks in low voices.”The coffin didn’t cost much as I heard that they have bought it for a discount.I think they may have bargained for it”)

It’s Time To Move On And Let the Last Drop Of Sunlight Fall Over My Body Before The Coffin Is Shut…

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