“In the midst of strangers”

This picture of a young child portraying “Radhaa” on “Sree Krishna Jayanthi” was photographed a month ago and despite having nothing special to do I just thought of sharing this picture with my readers.

The face was filled with fear due to the presence of large mob all around her and I just managed to capture the emotion in her face.We all have such childhood moments in our life when we lived under the shade of our parents or guardians and often felt the chill of fear in certain times when you don’t see them while you are in public.There was times when I used to double check whether I am holding my dad’s hand strongly while moving through crowded streets. 

True Colours 

Colours all over the face denotes the intensive character that is to be portrayed on the stage. He was halfway through the makeup and it was hard for me to make out what he was thinking and the face was overshadowed with dozens of covert emotions.But in the stage he was completely transformed into a villainous avatar of deep dark emotions filling all over the face.He was all a new person in the stage.

We all wear those false colours all over the face and play our parts in the life. But we always forgets the truth that at the end of the road , how much hard you try to hide your true colours it will always be finally revealed.

Half Buried Dreams

Half buried dreams : Dreams are quite an inseparable part of human instinct.It just exists with us even with or without our own consciousness.The most interesting thing is that these dreams are the sole reason for all the human wonders that we see around us.From the invention of fire to the modern day technological outbursts can all be traced back to someone’s dreams.

These above mentioned stories are those successfully accomplished dreams.But despite having successful stories,there are also those stories of failure.Dreaming is easy but making it a reality is quite a hardwork.But be optimistic are strive hard to make the impossibility a possibility.