True Colours 

Colours all over the face denotes the intensive character that is to be portrayed on the stage. He was halfway through the makeup and it was hard for me to make out what he was thinking and the face was overshadowed with dozens of covert emotions.But in the stage he was completely transformed into a villainous avatar of deep dark emotions filling all over the face.He was all a new person in the stage.

We all wear those false colours all over the face and play our parts in the life. But we always forgets the truth that at the end of the road , how much hard you try to hide your true colours it will always be finally revealed.

33 thoughts on “True Colours 

  1. Some people wear or are portrayed in very bad colors by others who are jealous or hate virtue. When they remove the mask you see an astonishingly beautiful face . It is cliche’ to say all masks are better than the true faces…

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    • But I believe it’s we ourself who choose the mask and not others.They are just a cause and it’s us whose choice really determines how we ourself want to portray outside ..


      • I am sorry there is an entity called ” Bias ”
        People are often victims of unjust public opinions.
        Sometimes vicious slander makes a person helpless , not knowing how to correct it , a person may passively accept their judgment. Face was always the same. Not many have the eyes to see. All that glitters is not gold. Gold also glitters , so it is deemed as a ” Show off ” . Then ? Envy makes ugly masks for beautiful people. Who are nice enough to tolerate it .

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