Oraal Short Film 

Guys …just posted this blog to share with the readers a short film released yesterday for which I played a part with …so guys …

Watch ,Share And Support …


Youtube Link : https://youtu.be/ZwbszQsnr8Y

The Story Line is based on how a rapist receives the right justice from society when law is helpless ..

Time For Some Discussion With Anand : 1

I just thought of posting a blog just to know about something , a question that I was once asked by one of my friends in Montreal about what I do know about Canada and about the Canadian people. Soon after  the question was raised I quite was not able to find a realistic answer.I finally told him quite few things about what I do knew.But finally I myself end up in the awkward situation that my knowledge was just wrong and misrepresented by the matter in which I saw the country.So after some time I just asked the same question to a friend of mine about my own country India and his answer was absolutely funny and it made me both happy and somehow sad.

So as the matter of fact I just posted this blog just to know about what you guys, my fellow bloggers do know about my country India through the course of your life.

Your knowledge,your own doubt and anything about the experiences you had are open for to be shared …

So please comment and let us know on about what you think and what you know about India and Indians.

Social Media Account

Huhh that’s not a nice and catchy title after all..In order to create a good interaction with many of my readers I suggest my Instagram account.It too will help me to bring to you guys some of my picture that I haven’t posted here in blog.

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The Vision

Photography : How To Take Professional Images From Your DSLR – Camera, Pictures, Posing, Composition & Portrait (Photography for begginers, photoshop, … travel, photography composition, business)

The vision do differ in respect to the perception .

We humans are having a particular perspective about anything and everything around us.We do have the ability to filter our thoughts and vision in respect to our interests.By the way I am not trying to unknowledge the fact that we all are doing so as to save our much needed interests.But while we are trying hard to uplift our  unpredictable future like gathering up of the precious resources,we tend to forget about living a life that is granted for a short term in this world.In order to spend a short term in this world we neglect the meaning of humanity and moreover neglect our fellow humans .

The glass through which you see is just a falsely rooted concept of a beautiful world. The reality is out there and is a lot more enticing and flawless.

My dear reader just open up your inner vision and realize the wonders around you.The glass you are wearing is quite old and it’s time to replace it….it’s time…

Camera :Nikon D3200

Lens :Tamron AF 70mm-300mm