The Indian Matrimonial World

Well well .. it’s a very difficult to define how the Indian Matrimonial system works.Wikipedia do have a very well stated definition for marriage and I truly respect the clarity and purity in those words.In the contemporary world of cultural clashes and  nuclear families the concept of marriage itself have changed.

 I decided to write about Indian matrimonial system due to a marriage proposal received for my cousin brother.Actually the suitors do not show much concern over my  cousin’s physique or on the financial stability he have and the weird part is that they have had problem with my cousin for not having a post graduation degree.It’s really weird to hear them making out the statement despite having my cousin working for a reputed company as a content writer and having a good financial stability.I think they may have difficulty in seeing their daughter with a degree holder. It is just one of the many silly reasons I used to hear these days quite often dealing with marriages. The problem that always troubled me was on the lack of concern people have on whether the things will work out between the bride and groom.What matter the most to them is the social status and money and I really don’t know why people just see marriage just like a business deal.I do love the setting of the marriage but it’s really very weird on the part  on how the partner is chosen.Also with the help of various matrimonial sites available online, marriage turned out to be a complicated that even sometimes the unknown history of family is subjected towards questioning.Today marriage is just a fast growing business that destroys the traditional beauty that marriage once had.

The earring here waits for its right suitor… 

31 thoughts on “The Indian Matrimonial World

  1. The form of marriage or family or ceremony of wedding etc, it has been changing in Japan.

    Tradition, religion, other… I think that it is important both Tradition and Change.

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      • It may not seem so strange to those people with the gift to “see” a person’s heart and mind in the name. In some societies, mine in particular, names are very important and powerful. I had to change my given name and family name to a different one because my traditional name was very bad for me, very negative and wrong. I spent a long time deciding on a new name that would suit me for the rest of my life and I finally had one. So, perhaps this woman is intuitive and realized something was not right behind the facade of good looks and success, even if subconsciously. We currently exist in a world composed of many different kinds of forces interacting together which too many make little effort to understand. We have many problems because of that. In my opinion when a woman expresses any reason for not wanting a certain man, that reason is legitimate and should be accepted by family and society without further comment. After all, it’s her life, for better or for worse. Just sharing some thoughts.

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      • Yes traditional customs to an extend is really weird .. some customs are totally stupid in every sense but there is no way to disobey that… I am sorry for the problems you have…


      • Sorry Anand, a misunderstanding: I have no problems, I’m a self-empowered person, I make my own decisions and choices. The name change upset the family but I’m not “the family” – I’m me. My own person. I don’t let other people make life decisions for me. If people everywhere want to grow up, to evolve, that’s what they are going to have to do: stand up for themselves against authority, especially against tradition. Nothing is dumber or stupider than tradition… oh well, maybe religion: throw that out too… 🙂

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