“We did it “Amigos.. “An Act Of Random        Kindness” (Watch Video)

Please watch and share this video .. 

The best thing that I have ever done in my life was done few days ago and I feel so happy to share it through this blog.

It’s Christmas and we a group of students from the college decided to do something that we have never tried out before.It was something that made us beleive that inside all of us there exist some goodness which is the real godly presence that on proper usage can make your life much better than never before .We have tried and succeded in extending our hands to help the homeless poor in the street here in Kochi and we do all felt the perfect happiness once we finished the task we intended to do.The smile on their face is enough to make your Christmas happier than ever before.I really find it happier giving away to these homeless people with food,water and clothes who dearly need them like any other humanbeing .As part of the plan we do also filmed few of those many reactions we received prior to giving away things to poor and finally we made out a short video so as to bring in awareness and inspiration to the people to do the same.


If I can change 

U can change 

Everybody can change

#check the video for reaction we had made out ..  I beleive it can inspire you …

11 thoughts on ““We did it “Amigos.. “An Act Of Random        Kindness” (Watch Video)

  1. Sir, its an honour to have people like you in this world! This proves it starts with me, you and us. This is truly an inspiration to everyone who must have watched it. Thankyou for sharing. Your Christmas was worth knowing! Merry Christmas and have a good day ahead!

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