Family Portrait

I photographed this image few days ago and the universal meaning of the family it highlight is quite powerful and significant in the current world scenario where the  existence of family is impugned.

All around the world lakhs of families are torn apart in different social situations stretching from much common generation gap issues to much more of an intensified and complicated war like in Syria where an estimated 6.1 million people are displaced. It is seen that the families are torn apart with dozens of children reported to be separated away from their families and yet not to be found. It is reported that lakhs of orphaned children are roaming the streets of refugee camps in neighbouring countries.Here the families are torn apart in a game of power play that have made men go insane despite having the thorough knowledge of what they are doing.

Simply saying “a situation when education have no meaning and all men are barbarians and a world craving for yet another moses”.

Apart from this there are those families out there that are torn apart due to some small issues. These are quite common all around the world and quite clearly unbalance the childhood of the children. Children growing up with their parents separated and a childhood spend without the love and care of parents will seriously affect the children in their future. Majority of the rise in mental illness and depression are the results of such an alienated childhood. Also many parents in last few decades have lost their way half through and resulted in deciding not to have children because they are not sure whether they could handle children along with their jobs and keeping in pace with the time.This is much more of a common trend these days that resulted in many issues around the world such as fall in population and unequal sex ratios. Simply concluding by saying that nowadays people have lost sight of the significance of having a family because of so called “Pressure and lack of sureity on whether they could look after the family”. Although I am quite happy with my family despite having so called ‘pressures’ .

Finally by saying all this I have a question for you ??

What is it family mean to you???

Just 7 Questions For You

It is said that god created this world in 6 days and then rested on the 7th day.

It is also said that there are 7 wonders in this world.

And also there exist 7 colors in a rainbow.

And so on….. and if i keep on making the significance of 7 i will have to spend 7 days of a week just only to do so. Similarly like 7 every number has its own significance and its own uniqueness .Since the blog is all about 7 , i am going to put forward 7 questions for the readers which are quite easy if you consider the question in a less intriguing way.OK! THEN.. LET’S ROLE …

QUESTION 1 :Life is too short to tolerate _________?

QUESTION 2 :Which is the most happiest place in the world?

QUESTION 3 :If you can make just a 3 word speech to entire world what would you say?

QUESTION 4 :When was the last time you noticed the sound of your own breathing?

QUESTION 5 :Why do pizza comes in Square boxes?

QUESTION 6 :How can you lift an elephant with one hand?

QUESTION 7 : What question can never be answered “Yes”?

Answer me…Fast

You have 7 Min To Comment From the Moment You Liked The Post !!! Gotcha.. 

Why Sometimes Modelling Shoots Are Like… ???

These days some models act’s like this..They try relatively very hard to bring everything in and the picture do will look like this way before editing starts…

Modelling is passion for many out there… Everybody love to show off their presence in front of a camera…Creating a presence all over a frame is something that is exceptionally hard to come by these days and we need to do a lot of preplanning and preparations to make it happen succesfully. Sometimes  it’s really fun working and sometimes it’s really frustrating when things won’t turn out to be as what we have anticipated. 

Even everything  goes very well and after we have set everything up and ready to go we may sometimes stumble upon on a serious problem with none other than the model itself.That is sometimes we come across certain models out there who are not at all be eye catchy in any manner but love to do shoots and turning them down from doing so be bad for our business. In those certain situations we needed to bring in extra inputs soon after the shoots to make the frame looks stunning and completely different and plainly saying it’s a hell of a job. 

But while doing certain shoots we come across certain people  having the gift of beauty that simply be worth photographed again and again. These people could bring out the emotions and feeling to their face without much needed efforts and the naturalism which is present after all will help in receiving some stunning pictures.

It’s the talent or a gifted ability something certain people tend to have in their life and they do make them unique. 

2017: Political Front,An Indian Stand

​Finally it’s 2017 ..Happy New Year to all..

The year started as promising as usual  with the same old promises,false resolutions and sham political agendas.Netas woke up early to create a agenda for the year practising the all new strategies to plan for the year. Political conspiracies and plain lies are promised to be unvarying trend that is to be continued this year likewise. 

The pundit’s claim that Rahulji’s latest trip to London is said to mastermind another political bomb against Modiji.Since every single one of the previous bombs have failed to explode questions remains on who really holds the trigger in opposition. Also 2017 promises to be a self evaluating year for Congress in basis of forthcoming assembly elections. The BJP on otherhand will continue to push the game with the idea of Modiji’s cashless economy .Despite few unrest last year BJP do hope to have a greater gain in the assembly elections and they have already set an eye on UP elections and the ongoing conflict inside SP will do favour BJP in UP. Whatsoever BJP will receive their answers on move for demonitisation through elections. 

Another key point to focus is on the union budget presentation on the post demonitisation era and its own influence on elections and subsequent changes in political circle.Also for the first time in history the railway budget which was merged will only be presented within general budjet.There will also be the implementation of the GST Bill which on behalf will reform the tax system of the country and therefore turn the economy of country under the narrative ‘one country,one tax’.Internationally in 2017 India will have to face quite challenging situations on the policy front dealing with Pakistan and China and their push towards Economic corridor. Also the unrest in the middle East and of rise of various new alliances do surely measures India’s international stand on various issues. Eventually the ascend of Donald Trump to the most powerful post in the world will influence and measure the Indo-US relationship.Despite Trump having a positive stand about India questions still remains on various issues including US stand on Pakistan and of the new tax and immigration policies and its influence on India and Indians.