Family Portrait

I photographed this image few days ago and the universal meaning of the family it highlight is quite powerful and significant in the current world scenario where the  existence of family is impugned.

All around the world lakhs of families are torn apart in different social situations stretching from much common generation gap issues to much more of an intensified and complicated war like in Syria where an estimated 6.1 million people are displaced. It is seen that the families are torn apart with dozens of children reported to be separated away from their families and yet not to be found. It is reported that lakhs of orphaned children are roaming the streets of refugee camps in neighbouring countries.Here the families are torn apart in a game of power play that have made men go insane despite having the thorough knowledge of what they are doing.

Simply saying “a situation when education have no meaning and all men are barbarians and a world craving for yet another moses”.

Apart from this there are those families out there that are torn apart due to some small issues. These are quite common all around the world and quite clearly unbalance the childhood of the children. Children growing up with their parents separated and a childhood spend without the love and care of parents will seriously affect the children in their future. Majority of the rise in mental illness and depression are the results of such an alienated childhood. Also many parents in last few decades have lost their way half through and resulted in deciding not to have children because they are not sure whether they could handle children along with their jobs and keeping in pace with the time.This is much more of a common trend these days that resulted in many issues around the world such as fall in population and unequal sex ratios. Simply concluding by saying that nowadays people have lost sight of the significance of having a family because of so called “Pressure and lack of sureity on whether they could look after the family”. Although I am quite happy with my family despite having so called ‘pressures’ .

Finally by saying all this I have a question for you ??

What is it family mean to you???

18 thoughts on “Family Portrait

  1. Very sad, the decline of family in the world today. We have a beautiful proclamation you might like to read. You can find it here:
    Family means everything to me. My life would be empty without my family. I am so blessed to be a wife and mother. Beautiful photo! We have a family picture that is similar. We’re all sitting on rocks at the edge of a lake looking over the water.

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  2. I may sound very old fashioned. It has always been my belief that the family no matter where on planet earth you may encounter it is the most important individual building block of a society. If the family is endangered, so will be the entire society. It is primarily the breakdown of the family that caused the decline of the mighty Roman empire.

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  3. Family is a warm bath, a safety net, compassion and support. And life companions, people you get to be yourself around and who help you move further in life.

    Great post and the photo is truly amazing.

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