We Could See.. Because We Are Photographers..

Chembra Peak, Wayanad, Kerala

This peak is a lesser known place but a beautiful place for trekking and a short 4km mountaineering . The most beautiful part of it is the presence of a naturally formed lake in shape of ‘Love’ which is regarded as a popular spot for Valentine’s day celebration. The rough terrain and presence of elephants and Fox can sometimes pose dangers after visiting time.

Do you know that the beautiful part of being a freelance photographer is travelling day after day to most exotic places close to what nature has created. We are thus exposed to close proximity of nature than anybody else.

I love the part when I have seen a new perspective for a photo which is quite enough to quench my thirst for creativity. Apart from being a natural enthusiast my attention on wildlife photography turned upside down after I sought pleasure in experimenting with social photography quite too often these days. Thus the amount of travel I have taken last year has significantly gone down. But this year I managed to take two trips out of which one was just a leisure trip with my college-mates and the other was a single trip on to the hills and I quite feel so happy to be back in my old comfort zones.Here what makes me feel like a free flying bird is that nobody questions your authority or approach apart from the nature which quite often test you with its majestic peaks and wilderness. 

It’s been 2 years since my last trip to the forest district of Wayanad in southern India and my enthusiasm was rather high. But my expectations were soon down in vain as to what the forest district have turned into. The wildlife has gone down, temperature has risen, rise of human intervention in forest life have completely dissimated the image of nature and rise of artificiality is visible everywhere. I could not find happiness anywhere and feels so disturbed even with my sleep.

Was there a cry somewhere..Who knows ..As the midnight approached somewhere I could hear a cry that only few could understand, a cry to go back to past. As sleep slowly engulped me I could here a voice somewhere asking me 


10 thoughts on “We Could See.. Because We Are Photographers..

    • Thank you .. πŸ™‚
      I thought of speaking about this for quite some time and at the right time with right picture I was able to do it ..I am quite happy with my effort ..

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