Who Is Responsible For This Agricultural Crisis?

Indian agrarian economy is under scrutiny as to the what media used to say these days. But looking in close with what they say we could not come into a static conclusion on what the real problem is with our agricultural sector. For example recent protests by farmers in different states across the country have created a momentum with protest widespreading across the nation alongside the rising news of frequent suicides. As to contain these issues the ruling parties at different states are just doing the same old trick of waiver of farmer’s bank loans. Thus for a period or a season everything goes well until next year when same old drama arises once again. Media and political think tanks continue to play the safe vote bank politics and blaming games on governmental policies and at the end of day what’s left will be the unsolved issue and same old crisis.

Before looking forward into much more of current  issue let look somehow backward into how our agricultural sector performed and evolved itself during last century. Indian agricultural economy after the independence had gained momentum rapidly during the 50s and 60s thanks to lack of industrial growth and 5 year plan. Also the green revolution during the time further paved the way for the growth of the sector. Farmer’s shifted their traditional form of farming techniques to modern world changes and it does reflected in growth. During those period of 60s show agricultural sector provide almost half the total GDP and whose contribution has declined rapidly down these days and continue to fall rapidly. Even so rapid production does occur certain year but more off as a fluctuating phenomena which causes rapid changes in market value of the produces every year. The changes in pattern of weather as well as unpredictable rainfall does create fear among the farmers. Besides the frequent policies by government in last few decades the production of food crops and pulses increased rapidly and thus farmers shifted themselves into different crops as well.But despite putting forward these changes the question still remains on whether these policies and implementation are efficiently reaching the farmers. Falling and fluctuating base prices, Corruption, lack of the proper medium of implementation of government policies etc have further impacted the farmers. Inflow of Foreign Direct Investment to agricultural sector are still a debatable subject on whether it will be a lifeline for farmers or a death wish.

Nowadays anything and everything around the globe can impact our livelihood which means even if Trump decide to invest on Indian agriculture Sector or even decide to go a step forward in tweeting some “confefe” about Indian Agriculture Sector it  means to have an impact on Indian Agriculture. Who knows may overnight every problem will be solved and this story would have a happy ending.

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12 thoughts on “Who Is Responsible For This Agricultural Crisis?

  1. I once read about India and other nations, which depend on agriculture, that large corporations control the sale of seeds (patented!!!) and the pesticides,herbicides and fertilizers that must be used. Could you confirm this? Thanks for the outstanding post on a major problem in the world of agriculture!

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    • Thank you …
      all available resources are given by government at subsidy rates to farmers and up to the final production stages everything goes well but in the end MSP or maximum selling price farmers receive is very low compared to price for which dealers sell them …

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  2. Another huge factor is the existence of middlemen and the consequent inability of the farmers to get their hands on anything close to the MSPs. So on paper, they receive money for dropping off produce at the procurement units, yet reality cannot be further from the truth.

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  3. The basic problem why farmers are in the midst of an agricultural crisis is that they are the one who are being neglected by each and every government that comes into power.In this indian scenario of digitalisation,the automobiles are dominating the manually-working shovels.untouched by technology that may help them,they are expected to pay their loans on time.In this tragic situation,the farmer can think of nothing else but of an ‘e-rope’that might help him in attempting suicide easily.

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