My TV Story 

TV and news are an integral part of my life as well as my profession. Years ago I never thought of becoming a part of media in any sort of manner. But eventually the tide was so strong that I end up in the world of media. This story is about how I used to see the TV news back in days when I was  a kid and as well as how it turned out to be these days.

When I was small the TV we used to have home was an odd colored one which was in a bizarre shape along with an antenna placed at terrace which was often placed awkwardly in different angles multiple time a year. In those days we only had a Doordarshan channel and therefore we didn’t need to worry about skipping through multiple channels or programmes like in these days. Either being young or old, it doesn’t matter on what we watch since we used to see programmes of all sort all day as the programmes were limited. It’s like a 6 year old boy watching how to plant so and so seed on a so and so field from a programme intended for the farming community. It may sound a little bit bizzare to western readers but it was that we used to have those days as I was from a lower middle class family who can’t afford the montly cable channel prices .I used to watch many of the programmes varying from soap operas to weekend films as well as some repeated commericals which I used to love those days and not anymore, good Lord. In between all these programmes were the news bulletins that used to be broadcasted in peak hours . News bulletins in those days were a complete mystery to me. I used to have a lot of doubts like how the guy sitting behind the large desk read all the news stuff in a go   ( to your knowledge news readers and anchors generally uses ‘ teleprompter ‘ or ‘cue cards’ ) or how do they get all these news. Also in those days news pattern used to be pretty straight forward as it was easier for an uneducated as well as an educated to get hold of an overall view about what so ever is happening around. I used to watch TV and know much about what happens easier those days than surfing around in multiple platforms and digging out certain pitches for the stories these days. Another drastical change in news bulletins were the increase in panel discussions and debates which these days are a main source of tv rating. It becomes so much complicated that an average viewer find it so much hard to gather some important news stories. It is also a trend these days that even during the peak hours the news channels clash each other on panel discussions on various topics rather than airing likewise an old school news bulletins. These panel discussions have wide array of topics ranging from sometimes about a serious political vendatta to about clash of celebrities which looks absolutely stupid sometimes that well known panel guests shows their true colors live on tv. Looking at these panel discussions and comparing it to old times I find old school was much more appealing and educative in every sense than what we have now. 

If I was born and raised in the current context I would have never chosen a path of journalism whatsoever.

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