The Offbeat Heaven : Pettimudi

Travel is an adventure, a way of seeking new experiences or perhaps a new beginning. I always had the pleasure of having a cousin who believes the same about travels. Even though we had several adventures we never had experienced anything quite as charming and breathtaking as Pettimudi(Boxhill). Situated around 7km from adimali in Idukki ( Kerala, India), Pettimudi is one true adventure any hikers out there should try out once. With steep roads and rough terrains this place is quite well hidden from the public eye for a long time.We headed to this place on a fine Sunday morning just a week after the onset of mansoon in Kerala. We travelled with few provisions and due to this we ran out of water halfway through. The climb include harsh roads, steep climbs incorporated with wild bushes as tall as 5 feet on both sides of the narrow passages. The eerie of silence and soothing breeze often tricks your ear as it pass through these wild but beautiful wet bushes. Even though there is an overall distance of 9km from the foothill to the top of the mountain, the occasional showers provided us with enough water and helped us keep the momentum high throughout the journey. The steep roads as I have mentioned earlier leading to the foothills, hinders the travelers from using small vehicles. It is therefore wise to trust your legs more than the wheels. Now second most important thing you should consider while taking on this adventure is considering your own health, since there is no way one could find help in these terrains. Also there are no guides or any other locals to my knowledge are available to assist you. It is better to stick with your instincts and keep the adventure moving forward. The true essence of these offbeat extravaganzas are the occasional surprises that befalls in front of you. To us, it was the breathtaking view from the top of the hill accompanied with strong winds which often caught us off guard. We spend around three hours at Pettimudi before descenting. A place, I may summarize, for those who want to venture into the calm wilderness free of travelers and human altercations.@images_are_subject_to_copyright