Joker Movie Review : Does It Worth?

” I used to think my life was a tragedy, now i know it is a comedy”- Joker 2019

An absolute piece of artistic brilliance, one film critic tweeted soon after watching the Joker premier. Meanwhile, the movie geeks across the globe were eagerly glancing over media outlets to learn about what critics have to say about a movie which portrays one of the most iconic comics book characters of all time, the joker. While many critics felt the movie was too sadistic, dark and violent, others highlighted the contrasting features in characteristics of Joker portrayed by Phenoix to that of famous Heath Ledger joker from Dark Knight. But at the end of the day people were left with one question, is it really that bad ass movie of the year?

Todd Philip directorial Joker is an instant classic, no matter how controversial some says about the movie content. The film itself is a pure mixture of artistic brilliance, set designs, casting and cinematography. The most highlighting factor of the movie is the presence of Phoenix who just kept on living as the character from the start to the very end. His rhetoric laugh, a key part of the joker’s identify itself proves to us what extend Phoenix had gone to transform the characteristics and mannerisms of the iconic character into his own comfort zone. Todd Philip have done an excellant character study of Joker as well, based upon comic book references to arrive at his own version of Joker. While Nolan, highlighted the violent nature of joker, Todd paved the background story to the how a sadistic failed comedian Arthur end up being the nightmare of Gotham city. The slow paced story telling, striking character construction, very well laid background scores makes the movie quite a spectacle to watch for. But i should also warn you not to expect the hard hitting, action packed super hero movie experience, just the kind of DC or Marvel movies we have seen in recent years. The movie itself is a standalone movie, an otherworld experience guarenteed by DC.

My rating : 9/10

Boundaries Of Life : A Philosophical Barrier?

Once in a while we had to welcome some unknown guests from our past who may be a distant cousin or a long lost friend. Such meetings  generally end up as an unscripted drama wherein you tumble over the words as in most cases eventuality turned out be melodramatic in nature. You may be placed in an awkward situation that actually juxtaposes your likes and interests and often compels one to have disheartened chitchats. In such cases you may often started thinking about your lack of ability to deal with people. But it is not so.

Human beings are thus bound to cross boundaries in certain uncanny occasion that brings us into the boundaries of our life. Here the boundaries are not of the physical nature but are of the ones that are being nurtured out of education, society, social situations, interests, profession and so on. For example if you are a hardcore fan of football and in an instance when you are placed opposite to somebody who generally dislikes such sports it is quite common for you to not accept the actualities he/she lays in front of you and often silence prevails such talks. Here your beliefs are questioned which  is the most basic aspect of human consciousness and any form of contradictory beliefs always creates strife’s whatsoever.

It is actually quite confusing and questionable in a way on how we drew boundaries in our life. It is not something that personally we writes,dictates and recites. When you consider oneself then your opinions and beliefs are shaped out of your interactions with the society you am dealing with. It will be different to somebody else and thereby the off springs of these actualities can be denoted as the basic identity that defines our life. For example if you are born post second world war then you may have a different opinion about the war. But to the ones who had experienced the brutalities and bloodshed war offers the opinions would be different. Thus you create a world consciously in and around you thereby filtering all those ideas, ideals,thoughts, people and so on. In such a case you have a predetermined stand on most of the issues and thereupon you just hate all ideas that alter those beliefs. This is where the difficulty to adapt to a new system arises.

A system is a mixture of multiple realities that coincide at certain situations like one of the basic human emotions, fear. The fear that emanate from various occurrences in life happen to create similarities among us.People with fear of heights, fear of insects ,fear of darkness are bound to hold these similarities. So sometimes boundaries do coincide in certain aspects of life in everybody’s life. So don’t worry about the next time that you may feel you are out of the bounds.

Fly And The Lamp 

Ignite the fire inside you…

It was indeed beautiful today and the day was coming to an end in different colours and it was a very soothing feeling indeed for me. The bright colours of sky was soon replaced with the emerging darkness and elapsing time whispered to  light the lamp. Somewhere in a distance somebody lit a dim light which increased the intensity of darkness.Even i was totally tired I could still make of the many uninvited figures of shadows all around me which tried to catch hold of me. As night crawl slowly I was too tired of anymore fighting and was soon dragged into a bottemless pit of unknown entity. I tried in vain to cry my lungs out for help but no voice came out. I saw in distant a dim light and it was getting hotter and hotter as I fall .I could still see others helpless and tired just alike me falling down on and on. As the light soon engulped me I could feel no more pain and what’s left there was emptiness.

Reflection : Some Memories




These are some of my photographs I captured based on theme “Reflection”

Mirrors are a part of my life and I both loved it and hated it. All the time it kept reflecting the one ugliness me .Today mirror is something we all can’t avoid at all. But in my younger days mirror was like a enemy to me. My room used to have a large  mirror that was close to my bed. In those days at night I always feared to look even to the side where the mirror was kept . There was always a belief to me those days that there was someone other than me hiding in the room. In those days from some old horror movie I heard that the ghost can be visible in a mirror and it paved the way for terrible fear of mirrors .Thus mirror played a key role in giving me some sleepless nights in those days .