Joker Movie Review : Does It Worth?

” I used to think my life was a tragedy, now i know it is a comedy”- Joker 2019

An absolute piece of artistic brilliance, one film critic tweeted soon after watching the Joker premier. Meanwhile, the movie geeks across the globe were eagerly glancing over media outlets to learn about what critics have to say about a movie which portrays one of the most iconic comics book characters of all time, the joker. While many critics felt the movie was too sadistic, dark and violent, others highlighted the contrasting features in characteristics of Joker portrayed by Phenoix to that of famous Heath Ledger joker from Dark Knight. But at the end of the day people were left with one question, is it really that bad ass movie of the year?

Todd Philip directorial Joker is an instant classic, no matter how controversial some says about the movie content. The film itself is a pure mixture of artistic brilliance, set designs, casting and cinematography. The most highlighting factor of the movie is the presence of Phoenix who just kept on living as the character from the start to the very end. His rhetoric laugh, a key part of the joker’s identify itself proves to us what extend Phoenix had gone to transform the characteristics and mannerisms of the iconic character into his own comfort zone. Todd Philip have done an excellant character study of Joker as well, based upon comic book references to arrive at his own version of Joker. While Nolan, highlighted the violent nature of joker, Todd paved the background story to the how a sadistic failed comedian Arthur end up being the nightmare of Gotham city. The slow paced story telling, striking character construction, very well laid background scores makes the movie quite a spectacle to watch for. But i should also warn you not to expect the hard hitting, action packed super hero movie experience, just the kind of DC or Marvel movies we have seen in recent years. The movie itself is a standalone movie, an otherworld experience guarenteed by DC.

My rating : 9/10