Fly And The Lamp 

Ignite the fire inside you…

It was indeed beautiful today and the day was coming to an end in different colours and it was a very soothing feeling indeed for me. The bright colours of sky was soon replaced with the emerging darkness and elapsing time whispered to  light the lamp. Somewhere in a distance somebody lit a dim light which increased the intensity of darkness.Even i was totally tired I could still make of the many uninvited figures of shadows all around me which tried to catch hold of me. As night crawl slowly I was too tired of anymore fighting and was soon dragged into a bottemless pit of unknown entity. I tried in vain to cry my lungs out for help but no voice came out. I saw in distant a dim light and it was getting hotter and hotter as I fall .I could still see others helpless and tired just alike me falling down on and on. As the light soon engulped me I could feel no more pain and what’s left there was emptiness.

Portraying Isolation


Guess what that building in the picture i captured is a local “Toddy Shop” . . .

It is said that majority of the acute drinkers is drinking inorder to forget their past memories,sadness,stress, pain etc etc . . .

So as a matter of fact ,can we compare this picture to the life of a drunkard??

The buliding and coconut tree in an isolated place can quite signify a drunkard’s isolated nature.That is he/she is completely cut of from the normal life.The water around them show the intensity of the issue . . .

what do you think???

How To Story The Sunset


This is a picture taken myself on behalf of the theme sunset .
Sunset is a visual treat  that a  photographer  should never miss. A photographer should always tries to bring in creative inputs while portraying sunset . Since it is very common in finding a number of images based on sunset all over Internet ,it is very necessary for your picture to be the one that should be quite different and appealing to a viewer . .


Too Much Impressed By Butterflies



These pictures are taken from my photography collection based on theme  butterfly
         Butterflies are simply an amazing  creation of god. No matter how small it may be it always impress me with its simply light and beautiful body . I always felt that butterflies symbolises the love,passion,youth,freedom and most importantly beauty. It is very beautiful to picturize a frame containing a butterfly along with a flower.
          How much powerless and insignificant it may be compared to other creations of the mighty god, we could not deny the fact that it must do have surely impressed you atleast once in your lifetime.
With Its beauty it should have taken atleast a few seconds of your precious time in watching it .

“Butterflies are mentally mental, just like love”
: Phrase from a film … 🙂

Reflection : Some Memories




These are some of my photographs I captured based on theme “Reflection”

Mirrors are a part of my life and I both loved it and hated it. All the time it kept reflecting the one ugliness me .Today mirror is something we all can’t avoid at all. But in my younger days mirror was like a enemy to me. My room used to have a large  mirror that was close to my bed. In those days at night I always feared to look even to the side where the mirror was kept . There was always a belief to me those days that there was someone other than me hiding in the room. In those days from some old horror movie I heard that the ghost can be visible in a mirror and it paved the way for terrible fear of mirrors .Thus mirror played a key role in giving me some sleepless nights in those days .

Mural Paintings Of India : A Unsung Wonder



Mural Painting are quite traditional in its depiction of culture and customs of  a culture it signifies .Here are some of my photographs of mural paintings of the some gods of Hindu  religion .Since it is just the two out of many such painting that can be viewed in many parts of the country in different forms. The most interesting part is that it some of  them dates back to BC …era

Isn’t it beautiful

The First Photograph


Recollecting my past not as a photographer was full of funny memories.Looking back at those days is like travelling in the mist, that is we can’t remember all the photos that we had captured those days but we do recollect some of them because in those days it was your best.

Hmm yes my best picture was an ant carrying a feather .Even today I can feel the happiness I had felt once when I captured it.As you grow even more professional you still remember it as your first success .It is that if you are a new person into the world of photography you should strive to find the one the picture that will be the one that will hold you up among the others