Sound Of Boots: A short story

There were shadows everywhere and dimly lit source of light appeared out of nowhere .Being in the presence of utter silence and shadows was unbearable. Somewhere in distance I could here somebody weeping shortly breaking the silence and I was not sure who it was. Soaring pain in the eyelids coupled with an overall numbness was quite puzzling to me. 

Where am I?

I shredded my pain and tried to get up but I couldn’t and soaring pain in the head increased drastically. I moved my hand over my head and there it was swollen as i was being hit by something. The only thing I could remember was that of sound of walking boots. I can’t recall how I end up in this place . I almost got up despite the pain. Suddenly my thoughts were broken by small wailing that echoed around me. Few feets away from me there lies a girl lying half naked socked in blood and the deep scars on her body left within me a terror that I can’t feel the pain anymore in my severed head. I was not able to see her though as the darkness had shown it’s pity in hiding her face. I slowly and causiously moved towards her in vain as I  listened to the echoing sound of the boots which overlapped her wailing which were dying down as each second passed. As I was about to see her face a hand suddenly fall on my shoulder terrorising me in horror . I turned myself to see the familiar face of my wife looking at me. I was dreaming.

I was there seated in my desk sleeping and dreaming as I was completing the work last night and have some how fallen asleep half through. As I was leaving the room I looked back once again to the unfinished FIR( first investigation report) that lay on the table. In between the papers and his own familiar handwriting there lies the photograph of her with her face unmistakably covered in a deep dark shadow.

Somewhere inside me someone keep on asking…

What happened to her? 

What do they gain?