The First Photograph

Recollecting my past not as a photographer was full of funny memories.Looking back at those days is like travelling in the mist, that is we can’t remember all the photos that we had captured those days but we do recollect some of them because in those days it was your best.

Hmm yes my best picture was an ant carrying a feather .Even today I can feel the happiness I had felt once when I captured it.As you grow even more professional you still remember it as your first success .It is that if you are a new person into the world of photography you should strive to find the one the picture that will be the one that will hold you up among the others


61 thoughts on “The First Photograph

  1. Bonjour
    Mon passage sur ton joli blog
    Ce sont mes 2 mains sur mon clavier
    Sur un profil une belle image
    Qui derrière cet écran se trouve une personne de gentille
    La ou je retrouve une de mes meilleurs amies ou amis
    Je te fais un énorme sourire même si tu ne vois pas
    Dans le fond de mon cœur je te l’offre
    Passe une agréable journée
    Surtout ensoleillé ,chez moi le temps pas extra
    Bise amicale Bernard

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  2. That would have been a great one. I remember many, many, years ago using an old camera that took film, not like the digital SLR cameras today. And having mastered putting in the film without the back popping open and exposing the whole thing ha ha, I saw a squirrel on a fence and managed to edge closer and closer to it while it watched me. I got to be an arm length away from it before snapping the picture, and I was so pleased with it. The squirrel was looking straight at me close up. But when I had it developed – it wasn’t there! I looked on the film itself, and there it was! But they had cut it, and not processed it, because it didn’t have the little holes in the bottom that pulled the film around to the next shot. I still remember that, as I took it back to the chemist, and pointed it out. ‘Are you really sure you can’t process it with out that at the bottom?’ I asked, after the man behind the counter had explained why it wasn’t processed. ‘No, as I said it’s not possible.’ He explained. ‘It’s a shame though. It looked like a really good picture.’ 🙂

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  3. Anand. I appreciate your connection and following my blog. Your photos are amazing and sure to provide me with some inspiration for poetry. Looking forward to exchanging great ideas and thoughts.

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  4. I like your story about your first photograph. It touched me. My first photo was a photo of a horse and I was so scared of it but took picture anyway. Was very proud of my first picture:)

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