When Time Taught Me A Lesson


Look at this picture taken by myself on a day out on bird watch.It just took me just a few seconds of my life to capture this piece of beauty.Those few seconds taught me why time is everything in our life.

Time is everything.I love saints because they recognize the fact that it is not the money that is the most precious thing ,it is the time.Once gone it is gone forever and leaving behind with us memories of our past.We used to see older people living in their retired life who spend a large part of their free time recollecting their old memories.I often used to see such elders in my life who used to tell me to live each and every second of my life as enjoyable as I can.
How hard the path you may have came through, the time will always leave you with memories of your past that will beΒ  with you till the very last breathe of your life .
So Keep Enjoying The Life As Best As You Can …
Also Go Out And Explore The World As Best As You Can …

51 thoughts on “When Time Taught Me A Lesson

  1. Bravo on your capture of time (beauty) and your thoughts as well. It is a rarity these days to find those who see life as anything relating to a simplistic existence. Thank you for sharing. G’Day/Weekend all πŸ™‚

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  2. Wow that photo is gorgeous! And you are so right about time and how we should spend or rather savor it!! What a most significant lesson!! Thanks for the follow, I’m most appreciative. 😊

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