Virgin Diaries : Chapter 2

Her long pony tail hair and her height was just liked a carved out statue of a Greek goddess and always used to be a subject for appreciation for her friends and secret lovers.She was probably more made up of an academic oriented personality rather than  a friendlier figure to everyone who tried to understand her.Moreover simply saying she was a hot chick in a library with Shelly,Keats and many others as her boyfriends.

Born in a Christian Orthodox family she was never tempted by the religious thoughts or beliefs like the rest of her family.Her name Angela never suited her nature.She believed religion as a source for good thinking and moreover never was ready to leave everything to the hands of Jesus.

The books influenced her thoughts so much that ,by the age she entered the Holy Chapel College she was more thoughtful and brilliant than the rest of her colleagues.But her overcautious life brought her many agonies throughout her teenage.Whenever she recalls the day that changed everything in her life she still can feel inside her the deep sense of fear that almost destroyed her life once

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