Time For Some Discussion With Anand : 1

I just thought of posting a blog just to know about something , a question that I was once asked by one of my friends in Montreal about what I do know about Canada and about the Canadian people. Soon after  the question was raised I quite was not able to find a realistic answer.I finally told him quite few things about what I do knew.But finally I myself end up in the awkward situation that my knowledge was just wrong and misrepresented by the matter in which I saw the country.So after some time I just asked the same question to a friend of mine about my own country India and his answer was absolutely funny and it made me both happy and somehow sad.

So as the matter of fact I just posted this blog just to know about what you guys, my fellow bloggers do know about my country India through the course of your life.

Your knowledge,your own doubt and anything about the experiences you had are open for to be shared …

So please comment and let us know on about what you think and what you know about India and Indians.

26 thoughts on “Time For Some Discussion With Anand : 1

  1. Until a few years ago, I knew very little about India. After following quite a few Indians on their blogs, I have become acquainted (I scratched the surface to be exact) with their rich culture, history and their present colorful world.

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    • Yes thank you Peter ..good to hear that .. most of the people in West especially quite don’t know about India other than what is seen Slumdog Millionaire movie …But it’s not the real India .The more you gets attached to it the more you get aware of vast richness we have here …
      Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. OK, I am an Indian myself and I love my country. India is a diverse country, so called land of cultures and traditions. It is cradle of human race, mother of history and the most instructive facts of man are treasured in India. Plus India has the largest democracy in the world and one of the longest struggle for independence from colonialism.

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    • Ys dats that good old country pledge just like the one I had in my school once….yes it truly is true ..in true sense we are destroying our culture with a false headed political structure and society that had gone completely wrong in between.

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  3. I met India first through Yoga (that was about 40 years ago). Inspired by Yoga I learned something – still very little – about the richness of your country, the diversity, about Hinduism, Buddhism, Brahman, the Untouchables, about spices and colours and light and art and religion , rivers and also modern technology… I learned something about Tantrism, I saw movies, old and new ones, Bollywood and also Mira Nair, Gandhi and British Colonism …. I listened to the stories of friends visiting your country and about their wondering about the Rich and the Poor, I always admired indian architecture, the sculptures, the gods and the godesses, …. I have heard and learned so much about your country and its people and still know nothing at all … I am a wanderer on earth, a wonderer and simply puzzled by the beauty of the world and its countless faces and shapes … I think India is a special place of special contrasts and I also think as an European I would have to leave my european thinking behind to open my mind for the experience of … India. I wonder what I would perceive, what I would comprehend … have a wonderful day/night :o) , best wishes from Vienna, Austria

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    • Thank you … You do have got enough of what India is generally after all and it’s so happy to hear that ..your respect towards other cultures
      ..But there are quite few things that is India do changed a lot since timespan you specified..Huge changes occurred in last 40 years in both moral and physical aspects of society and spontaneous development and growth in every sector…despite all the progress and growth there is still the people living in poverty.


  4. I think we, in the UK, are more insular than most, unwilling to learn others’ languages, culture, history, and aspirations. India, I believe, is very diverse, very similar to so many countries nowadays. From very poor to very wealthy, very well developed to under developed, well educated to less well educated. There is a very strong work ethic and people are prepared to do what is necessary to achieve their dreams. There are, I believe, 23 languages and a very large percentage of the population speak English. I wonder how many British people can speak any Indian language? Very few in comparison!

    Thank you Anand for making me think a little about what I know of your country!

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