Problems of being a free bird


It is absolutely  true!
Check my experience 🙂
My dad used to tell me this all my life whenever i simply sit back home doing nothing at all… Actually I used to go mad sometimes whenever dad told me to indulge in something  rather than simply sitting and keep on staring at wall.
I was simply wasting my time and soon disturbing thoughts started to disturb me and i became agitated  towards everything family, friend and so on. After  some years  when i became a part of a large community and because of  lack of free time and lack of time for spending, for idiotic thoughts problems soon itself part away from me. . .and i end up being a happy man! 🙂
The end!

What do you think!

27 thoughts on “Problems of being a free bird

  1. I think purpose is central to human life. That’s why I rail against materialistic (reductive) determinism and the pseudoscience of neo-Darwinism, the modern voice denying human purpose and meaning. We need to stop letting a few self-proclaimed experts brainwash us into the self inflicted genocide of “no real right and wrong.”

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  2. I agree purpose and the drive to act are crucial to a happy life, but at the same time, I find my creativity always begins in those silent moment, staring into the mid-distance, experiencing existence itself, free of its ties to the physical world. Negativity and aggravation don’t enter into it. It is pure freedom.

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    • I often find loneliness and build up unnecessary thoughts in my mind in such situations
      It was like a “Sylvia Plath’s Poetry”


  3. Let me carefully disagree without meaning to step on your toes… 🙂
    Emotions are a part of being alive, the salt on your experiences – they may carry and create their own problems but that, too, is part of life and growth… calling them ‘stupid emotional problems’ does not sound good to me. Sometimes it IS good to stop and stare at something for a while – a wall, a tree, at clouds, at stars, even your problems – to be able to go on in some sort of harmony instead being busy, busy, busy… 🙂

    Thanks for your follow; btw…

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    • Some of them are do stupid. because we can do avoid many of the emotional breakdown if we rather consider them stupid .. In a sense


  4. Hmmm… Of course you are welcome to your opinion… but some of those emotions you push away calling them stupid may pop up with a vengeance along your road and will not be denied so easily any more 😉

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  5. I used to say- and still do- similar things to my sons when they became mired in self absorption and self pity. To do something physical and have something to show formtheir efforts rather than be lost in the etheral world of games. Online friends and worry. At the same time it is frivolous to think that keeping oneself busy will eliminate the presence of angst or emotional issues that need to be understood and dealt with sometimes. It very much deoends upon the problem. If it is typical age related issues that work themselves out, yes, it is omey to “work yourself” out if them. But deeper issues which may come back kater in future relationships do need to be worked out, apinful as it is. I take time for both because my best creative expression often comes from the pain or emotion I am feeling. That is my iwn way of ” working through” the problems. Staring at the wall is fine, but ine must learn to stop the chatter in the mind for such meditation to be helpful. Stop thinking so much. If you have to be busy to do that, then perhaps this is your iwn form of meditation. Mine is photography. Cheers!

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