Memories Of Sunset 2


Memories Of Sunset 2:
It tried quite a lot in a figuring out the meaning of this particular picture which I captured a long time ago.As I was unable to find a powerful inner meaning my thoughts just compromised on idea that the picture signify the darkness gaining dominance over the light left on our heart and the earth.

29 thoughts on “Memories Of Sunset 2

  1. If I may comment at length about light and darkness. The reason Earthians (Earth people) are afraid of darkness is probably because they think of themselves as primarily physical beings. In that state, they need the sun’s light to survive. We should be aware however that we are primarily “spirit” and mind beings, not physical. We should also be aware that “darkness” (as perceived from the physical state) is life’s default condition. All our sources of “light” are of a physical and terminal nature, i.e., they all eventually die off as their fuel runs out, making light a very unreliable condition to be stuck in. The other reason Earthians fear total darkness and long for light is the brainwashing they’ve been brought up in that says light is good, dark is evil. Five minutes of clear thinking would reveal that claim to be completely false.

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      • Well, you’re a photographer, so for you light is even more important. But inside of us there is a light by which we “see” and nothing can extinguish that light. Perhaps one reason I have less problems with darkness is that just over 200 years ago I had a life where I was born blind and remained blind for that entire (if short) life. It was a great lesson in patience and acceptance. In the 1800’s blind people were often considered retarded and treated as such. No effort was made to teach us anything so we remained completely dependent upon others for everything. But in our darkness there was a wonderful, fantastic “light” of understanding. Physical darkness is never a problem, but darkness of soul and mind, that is the problem. Not to worry, Earth’s sun isn’t going nova anytime soon and we’ll be gone to the stars long before that happens!

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  2. Wow! What a picture! It truly provokes deep thought. World literature including the Bible is pointing to the dualism of light and darkness, of good and evil. Thanks for sharing your picture and thought with us!

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  3. It is indeed a beautiful picture ….every day the sun sets and rises again …the light and dark BOTH are equally beautiful ….sometimes one becomes more dominant than the other but it balances out again:)

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