One Act Of Random Kindness

These words by Morgan Freeman in the film “Evan Almighty” just inspired me every single time I watched the movie. More than a dialogue, it do have a very peculiar significance of creating a close connection to our own life and to a question on how we can change the world or atleast our own world?
We all fall in traffic jams and traffic signals in our day to day life and we quite feel agitated waiting in such situation sitting back in your air-conditioned private cars or cabs.In those particular situations we quite often see homeless people most probably children wandering through the cars banging at window’s trying to sell something or even sometimes begging.In case if you haven’t seen that I probably suggest you to take your eye’s out of the smartphone for a moment and look around.You may surprisingly see a child trying to sell you cheap plastic pens for 5 rupees each.Since you have your own highly expensive pen in your pocket most of you will surely refuse to buy the cheaper one.But in that moment in case if you buy few pens for the sake of the child I may ask you to look into the face of the child and in there you can see a reaction ,a beautiful reaction that can make your day wonderful….

That is “One act of random kindness at a time” can bring in something that was not there before…

In case

 if you say a No, nothing will happen and the day will go on but                                       If you say a Yes, it may bring in a change to someone’s life

Finally finishing my silly thoughts I just can tell you that,

If I can change

You can change

Everybody can change.

NB : We guys here are planning to giveaway stuff to homeless for Christmas…So we are basically starting a social movement for the year #christmas_with homeless 

So please share and make it a success in social media and make this Christmas grand for all of us …

15 thoughts on “One Act Of Random Kindness

  1. L’éducation est l’arme la plus puissante qu’on puisse utiliser pour changer le monde…
    Les mots et les idées peuvent changer le monde, Nous pouvons changer le monde, si nous changeons nous même… et cela commence par la bonté.
    La bonté existe en nous comme le principe de la vie, elle semble un don du ciel pour adoucir le monde.
    Douce journée

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